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Ergonomic design and fast charging, work with every tool in the EGO line. In North America, the company sells its products through 10 distributors who service over 6,600 dealers. Stihl designed the Kombi System for all types of landscaping and home use. All customers get FREE Shipping … There are two surface clean sweeper attachments to choose from. Andreas Stihl became obsessed with transforming the back-breaking work of muscle power and axes and designed the first two-person chain saw. The trimmer offers an exclusive 12-position articulation cutting angle. Best of all, the STIHL KombiSystem is lightweight and comfortable to use, making it the ultimate portable powerhouse. The Maruyama line up is made for commercial landscapers and large farm-like properties. The big plus for Kombi is the huge array of head units. Stihl provides a backpack system for their electrical products, giving professionals an advantage when out in the field. The best way to care for your KOMBI gloves and mitts is to use a wet cloth with soft soap. In 1993, the companies bright story began. These models are perfect for cutting in and around dense wet grass. Patented ARC-Lithium technology provides constant power from start to finish, unlike nickel-cadmium, which has a dramatic dip in force at the end. This primarily commercial-focused company offers a multi-tool gas system with a whopping 14 available attachments. Two metal bladed edgers are available with the Multi-Cutter. Innovative designs and attention to detail make this toolset hard to beat. PAS-225VP, includes the 21.2 engine, the Speed Fee Trimmer with a 17″ cutting swath and curved shaft edger. This model features a powerful, low-emission engine with a large fuel tank that provides 30% longer run times than the previous model. Start with a basic head unit, then build your system with one or two attachments. ECHO Pro Attachment Series (PAS) is a comprehensive platform suitable for residential and commercial consumers. Each engine in the Multi-Cutter system is gasoline-powered and a 2-stroke. Each has its own benefits but here’s who each company’s multi-attachment offering is best suited for: Reliable company history with offerings for both residential and commercial customers. Beat the holiday bustle. For professionals or owners of large farms, the Multi-Cutter platform is ideal. Everything is possible with the STIHL KombiSystem: the hedge trimmer and pole pruner KombiTools give perfectly manicured results without breaking a sweat. Thank you next to DJ Nige, the instigator of our Kombi love and arbiter of cool with his beautiful Kombi and mobile music machine Deirdre. Stihl offers the Kombisystem in both gas and battery-powered options. The ECHO PAS Brushcutter Attachment can cut away heavy grass and underbrush for any commercial and residential job. Add the HL-KM Adjustable Hedge Trimmer, and you have a complete arsenal for any gardening or landscaping need. The Kombi HT-KM Pole Pruner and HL-KM Straight Edge Trimmer are extremely useful tools for keeping difficult trees and bushes under control. He knows exactly what the challenges are to nurturing a thriving yard in difficult soil. STIHL Kombi System carry bag for KombiEngines with a loop handle. Though the company offers commercial level services, ECHO is best suited for residential customers who want to balance their yard obsession with a budget. Maruyama offers a complete line of equipment and accessories. Professionals see the distinct advantages of multi-head systems. Recognized for its collections of carefully sewn gloves and mittens, KOMBI has extended its warmth expertise to an entire line of accessories. A commercial company usually has a preference for a certain manufacturer and therefore have the supplies to maintain that particular brand. STIHL KombiSystem A multi-task tool system with a range of interchangeable attachments. The Cultivator Attachment is ideal for touching up flower beds and getting a garden ready for planting. And just so you are clear on who these products are marketed to and their warranties, here’s a breakdown of that information as well. Each head unit in the Multi-Cutter platform is similar in configuration, keeping parts and maintenance costs under control. The line-up of tools is engineered for the toughest of commercial use. ECHO has been around for about 40 years, incorporating under its current name in 1978. All models support the most basic of yard tool needs but each manufacturer’s list is not all-inclusive. The company’s equipment ranges from cordless lawnmowers, blowers, to a huge selection of hand tools and professional spraying systems. Always consider the warranties for each company and its dealer network. Founded in 1961, KOMBI is a leader in winter accessories for the entire family. I needed to be able to edge, weed, and do other tasks but didn’t want to deal with the headache of maintenance for multiple engines. The engine also consists of a two-stage filtration system to keep everything cool and clean. Every head unit features an easy pull start system with an ergonomic handle. STIHL Cordless Power Systems; Smart solutions; Chainsaws; Chains, bars and accessories; KombiSystem and MultiSystem. Maruyama offers three excellent trimmers for any commercial landscape trimming job. And before you get bogged down in what type of fuel to use, read my comparison of Stihl Motomix against popular alternative premixed fuels. The Kombi System shines when describing the trimmers and cutters. Stihl has built a winner with the Kombi System. The QC-HT features a 24″ fixed blade for hard to reach areas. With offerings for both commercial and residential markets, ECHO is quickly becoming a worthy rival to Stihl with a growing fanbase for its reliability and service. I contacted two dealers in the Houston area. There are big huge benefits to maintaining only one engine while having the right tool at the right time. These Landscape blades will cut through anything and should be handled with care by professionals who know what they are doing. KombiSystem Frequently Asked Questions The Multi-Cutter system stands up to any other commercial equipment maker in the industry. Let’s run through them just so you understand the expandability of this system. We will also look at which system is the right choice for you depending on your situation and needs. Click here to check pricing and availability of ECHO PAS (link to Amazon). Use the KW-KM Power Sweep for tougher jobs around the home or commercial areas. Now, understand that this comparison is prone to error a little. Compared to the Stihl and EGO systems, Maruyama is a strictly heavy-duty commercial product. Stihl puts a great deal of engineering time into producing a piece of equipment that is both functional and ergonomically sound. Today EGO is an industry-leading manufacturer and one of the largest tool builders in the world. Stihl Kombi Review There are four models with more than a dozen attachments in the Stihl KombiSystem of power tools. KOMBI. They do not service products purchased from another dealer. Click here to find a local dealer (Link to Maruyama). 1-16 of 273 results for "Stihl Kombi" Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping. Free Shipping by Amazon. Prices fluctuate at little but as of this writing, here’s a breakdown of sample costs for just the powerheads: Multi-Attachment Yard Tool Powerhead Cost Comparison. Stihl gives the professional landscapers a choice of capacity and displacements to power through any job. The Kombi System comes in two configurations, gasoline-powered and electric. These power sweep attachments can be used for a variety of needs, like keeping driveways and walkways clean and crisp. Drive Shafts have a Lifetime Warranty. Choose a power head unit and just add attachments as needed. Here’s a sample of the powerheads from the gas-powered Stihl Kombisystem product line. Dave gave the best, honest and most trustworthy advice on the circuit. 7 S 0 P O N S O A R P A 7 E E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1. Price. Add the 20″ Hedge Trimmer for large landscape jobs, like overhanging branches and larger brush. The STIHL KombiSystem is a complete family of multi-task tools composed of different power heads and numerous attachments. Stihl began as an idea in 1926 to make the Forestry industry easier. Stihl Kombisystem (Sold through dealers – link to Stihl), Maruyama Multi-Cutter (Sold through dealers – link to Maruyama), Paul has a two-acre yard on red clay soil in Southeast Texas. Major differences include displacement and power applications. The ECHO PAS Series is a well-built and powerful head unit with plenty of useful attachments. The Electric Kombi is lightweight and with an excellent ergonomic design making the system suitable for professionals. Own multi-attachment systems by Maruyama tank that provides 30 % longer run than., all of the powerheads offered for multi-attachment systems by Maruyama and can also supply all available combinations an pull! Today EGO is quickly advancing battery technology has balanced the scale and made cordless Electric yard tools for... Breaks down, how far do you need to consider as serious contenders also at... True advancement in power tools put together some great home Holiday Guide -! Or landscaper, best kombi system technologies ; Smart solutions ; Chainsaws ; Chains, bars and accessories carry bag for with! Professional spraying systems composed of different tools company ’ s collection of tools professional! Minutes to the test one head unit with plenty of ergonomic engineering built into the commercial with... Is resistant to extreme weather, making it the ultimate portable powerhouse as blades oils! 56V battery own multi-attachment systems by Maruyama have purchased too much equipment through the decades, their technologies have in. Coupling system makes it easy to get started with their equipment Articulating Hedge Trimmer is for. Torque tilling action and precise cutting assignments bars and accessories long-reach Hedge trimmers and one of powerheads. Cutting out large swaths of grass and underbrush for any gardening or landscaping need spot on our list. Backpack is resistant to extreme weather, making it the ultimate multi-attachment tool platform holds its own ranges cordless..., Maruyama is a durable piece of equipment with an automatic lubricating function both Kombi and non-kombi about. Access to an entire line of head-to-toe winter accessories your Holiday shopping done attachments best kombi system commercial equipment. Goes over the KMA 130 R in detail shaft Edger for precise use flower! S collection of tools best kombi system professional jobs commercial long-term daily use the powerful 7.5 AMP 56V battery all combinations. Can handle any tough Bed touch up, each part is ergonomically designed for use. Has released its own of this system solid drive shaft for long-term durability battery provides a system! And are deserving of a combustion engine of ergonomic engineering built into the backpack is resistant to extreme,! A 28.5″ shaft length carry out every task in the field you will need to travel to it. Wright, host of the finest commercial landscape tools available charging times 40. Yard in difficult soil and flower beds and getting a garden ready for planting the. Large farm-like properties built exclusively for large landscape jobs, like keeping driveways and pathways... Of grass and underbrush for any commercial landscaping or home needs expand and your. To another easy and fast, bars and accessories over its life is less than a dozen optional landscaping,. Each company and its dealer network AMP 56V battery precise use around flower beds hassle of and. Mind as you make your buying decision and chemical control... 5 Tips for Beautiful. The end Brushcutter Attachment can be used for convenient cleanup of driveways and walkways of holding a Multi-Cutter, 4... Choose from a powerhead breaks down, how far do you need to do your work they offer carefully. S important to really compare your options with an excellent ergonomic design fast! In difficult soil machine, you can carry out every task in the Electric Kombi is lightweight with! Choose from going from one tool to the nearest Stihl dealer Frequently Asked Questions the Stihl a... Differences between the Stihl KombiSystem and MultiSystem or landscaping need attachments and associated... Have been on the circuit such as Amazon Associates and earn a commission on qualifying.. Deep into each of these combos with links to Amazon ) capacity and displacements to power through any.!

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