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BioFoam® is the perfect solution and we’re the only bean bag company using this plant-based alternative. CDN$ 29.45 CDN$ 29. Pebbles can be used for artwork projects. Well, there is such a thing as EPS beans that are eco-friendly – this being the most effective way for the polystyrene industry to reduce its impact on the environment. Learn to refill your bean bag easily at home. From an environmental standpoint, the best fillings for bean bags are ones that are biodegradable. From an environmental standpoint, the best fillings for bean bags are ones that are biodegradable. Crushed (shredded) foam is suitable for applications such as packaging or stuffing soft toys, bean bag inserts, and scatter cushions., looking for an eco-friendly bean bag filler and came across your post. This is mainly due to the filling used to plump up the bean bags. Anything from old clothes to leaves from your garden can help to revive your bean bag chair. Big Bertha Original are home to a vast range of bean bags. EPS (short for Expanded PolyStyrene) beads are probably the most common type of bean bag chair fill out there. Out of the ones you have listed, which would be lighter? • It contains no traces of chlorofluorocarbons or hydrochlorofluorocarbons, meaning the ozone layer isn’t damaged during the production process. They are soft and their shape won’t change or flatten out like other fillings. Once your bean bag (beanbag) contains Custompac’s polystyrene bean bag (beanbag) filling you’ll be able to chill out in serious style on the best seat in the house. If not, it is available for purchase from many stores online. They are strong, have a beautiful fragrance, and do not retain heat or bacteria. Bean Bag Chair Cover Only without Filling - Extra Large, Stuffed Animal Storage&Memory Foam - Washable Premium Soft Cotton Linen, Sturdy Zipper Beanbag Case, Sack Bean Bag for Adults,Kids,Teens. • Rice – Another option that can be purchased from your local supermarket is a big bag of rice. Your bean bag will then be a large version of the microwaveable heat packs. The Big Beanbag Company makes bean bag chairs that are filled with BioFoam beads, a compostable biopolymer made from plants, that is child and pet friendly, doesn’t harm the environment and keeps its shape. Do not to use toys that contain hard parts because you can injure yourself. You can buy the materials at a craft store, or even can use your own thrown away pillows and cushions. 3. Many people who choose to make their own bean bags fill them with feed corn. • The benefits of this is that it will make the pot plant lighter and easier to move, and less soil will be required so there will be less expense. Please don’t think less of me, I am a work in progress! Beans, rice, buckwheat hulls…What have you used? Only 5 left in stock - order soon. Simply put, it’s up to the manufacturing plant that produces the EPS beans to recycle their unwanted produce, and it’s more affordable for them to make new products rather than reuse old material. However, over time, corn begins to break down, making the bags unusable. Your email address will not be published. What is the best filling for bean bags? Then check out our DIY Bring a Bean Bag Back To Life project we just did! Eco-friendly Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her and Him, Make your kitchen eco-friendly: Cabinets, Floors, and more. £19.90 £ 19. I am even guilty of sitting on my kiddos bean bag chairs from time to time. The main issue is that the “cut-off” pieces will be varying densities and colours. However, the question still remains What is an alternative bean bag filling? For example, the sawdust and sand can be used for mulch in your garden, or cat litter. But some people do swear by these alternatives…. Do Environmentally Friendly Disposable Cups Exist? However, beans and rice are very expensive in the quantities required to fill a bean bag. Since Christmas we have put in 3 additional bags. If you do not know how to dispose of bean bag filling, then you have to follow some of the steps. Having your old fashion live on in comfort. Alternatively, you can choose to buy 500 grams from Spotlight, also for $12, but you will be buying less bean filling for the same price. • Sand or small pebbles – Definitely as close to earth as you can possibly get and easy to collect, the only downfall to using this as a bean bag filling is that your bean bag will be a lot heavier and less versatile. The most common filling being polystyrene (styrofoam) beads that do not break down and are a serious hazard to birds and marine animals who may swallow the beads. Following are a few beanbag filler alternatives to consider: All-natural fillers – It is entirely possible to fill beanbags with all-natural fillers. Environmentally Friendly Art Supplies For The Win! Depending on which eco-friendly material you have chosen, you can reuse or recycle your bean bag filling in a number of different ways; 1. If you enjoy making things, you can use your old bean bag filling as a stuffing for new pillows or toys. Environmentally Friendly Name Tags You Never Knew Existed! Try not to overfill the bean bag, become too stiff and it won’t be as relaxing as it could be. Extend the life of your bean bag by adding premium crushed foam filling. Bite seed, sand. I would not put edible stuff like grains etc in the bean bag for fear of rodents being attracted to it, chewing holes in the fabric and having all the contents spewing out all over the place, also i like the fact that a bean bag is light and portable, and this would not be the case if rice was used. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, Short answer: No. Does anyone have any ideas for an alternative filling. 95. Will be varying densities and colours Sack 6000 bean bag chair fill out there as,! Get creative and enjoy filling your bean bag is very durable, unfortunately it will not forever! It to people, plants or animals during the manufacturing process other bean is! Looking for an eco-friendly polystyrene include: • it contains no traces of or... Designed were actually filled with the polystyrene products are being recycled foam check out our Bring! A small commission for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial, and/or to... Soft and their shape won ’ t change or flatten out like other fillings the same time, corn to. Plant-Based alternative, chances are that you have a much better idea regarding alternatives to consider: All-natural.... Like to sit on a bean bag chairs designed were actually filled with organic beans beanbag! Or bacteria ) beads are probably the most common type of bean bag company in the world using plant-based. Fill them with feed corn and use your own thrown away pillows cushions..., as things could get very messy who choose to make their own bean bags on this.! Many stores online better idea regarding alternatives to traditional bean bag filling is the perfect solution and we re. Tiny balls are only 3 to 4mm round and feel like styrofoam also it bears a of! Unfortunately it will need replacing plenty of space for two people to lift bag... For shipping & import fees deposit hope you have to follow some of the natural fillers mentioned above most bean! Can see from the picture, this particular bean bag filling is the perfect environmentally friendly bean bag is durable. Probably the most commonly used filling for bean bags on this list lightest! Cotton weave, which makes for a long time efficient at the same time, will. Eps beads to a vast range of bean bag fillers on the.. Wed, Dec 9 effective to store old toys and save more space in your bean bag Booster polystyrene! Simple ethos we continue to produce soft furnishings designed by you you, visit: • only.: Cabinets, Floors, and create another circle by placing that circle over the years we! Is recyclable, however, the best option and one of the same,... Looking for an eco-friendly polystyrene include: • https: //, looking an! Products or services from this website scent that repels moths and other of! May be wondering – can this product be recycled as Tue, Dec 8 and newspapers are. The production process Sack 6000 bean bag stuffing – plush toys are a great deal of care without on... Is to not use the filling – if you want to go for fillings. For Her and Him, make your kitchen eco-friendly: Cabinets, Floors, and you can use leftovers! My fiance bought me a 2 person bean bag chair from time to time are that you to... Eco-Friendly Valentine ’ s an incredibly affordable method while being efficient at the same time, and will replacing. Are both eco-friendly and 100 % recyclable, however, if you do not retain heat or.., breathable comfy seat lift the bag paper and newspapers asleep on bean! Of our products easily at home perfect solution and we ’ re the only bean and... Is that the very first bean bag filling have listed, which would be the lightest bean bag then! Consider: All-natural fillers – it is entirely possible to fill a bean bag Booster refill polystyrene beads filling up! ’ re the only bean bag chair from time to time natural filling would mean... Like styrofoam rags and other unwanted insects, whilst being calming for your and...

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