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troy bilt trimmer kill switch not working

Why isn't the off button working? We thank you for your business, and your patience, as we navigate through these tough times together. Switch the ignition back to the "On" setting and hold the ignition wire just below the rubber boot--wearing work gloves. Usually ships within 6 to 10 days. Nothing! Cleaned carb (disassembled, immersed in cleaner and air pressure), cleaned and oiled air filter. Weed Eater Not Starting. It's probably something simple, and if you're feeling handy you can probably take the casing off and make sure the wires are connected properly. Hi! . Troybilt TB22EC 25cc String Trimmer OEM Kill Switch Wiring : Description: Pulled from a working Troybilt TB22EC String Trimmer. Give it a try and if you can't find what you are looking for or need assistance installing the new part, call 1 … Sit the edger off to the side somewhere and let it run itself off. Chainsaws, mowers,blowers and trimmers. $19.99 $ 19. 769-10179 / 0009/14 Electric Start Capable 2-Cycle Trimmer TB32 EC TABLE OF CONTENTS Service . The kill wire and switch look ok as w ... Over 30 years experience repairing lawn and garden equipment. When this switch is in the "off" position, it's closed and conducting the electrical power from the spark plug to ground, which stops the engine. Sweet! You can check the kill switch by testing its continuity, which you can do with a multimeter set to measure resistance in ohms. You can let the machine burn all of the fuel and it will eventually turn off. It runs with the charger plugged in but won't do anything when it's disconnected. Engine ran rough. It was a wiring issue, naturally. For an electric unit, make sure it's properly plugged in to a working outlet.For a gas unit, make sure there's enough fuel in the tank. Do not touch the contents of the gas tank. Driving home, Redmax stick edger in tow, I'm excited to edge back the overgrowth making my sidewalk the visual bane of our little street corner. The issue has been occurring when I have tried to start the mower, it will crank but will not … Be careful! Is this usually a easy fix or is something usually broke inside. Done edging, I wipe the sweat from my face, lean up against my truck's tailgate, and casually flip the off switch to the "stop" position. I couldn't figure it out. $6.99 shipping. The kill switch basically works in the same way, by interrupting the electrical power being sent to the plug. As the name suggests, this safety feature prevents the mower's blades from engaging when you put it in reverse. I don't know what a thermal overload switch does. I connected the two wire ends wich did NOT kill the engine. With the trimmer on the ground, brace your knee onto the shaft or get a friend to help hold the trimmer steady. What the hell? Pull the kill switch wires out through the shaft and discard it. If you haven't been able to get your trimmer to start, this is the reason. En español Live Chat online. Do not replace the cap. But still. It stopped after a few minutes and will not start again. When a Troy-Bilt mower has a problem starting, checking the fuel system is a good place to begin the troubleshooting process. Is there another way to do it? Unplug the kill switch wires by hand or use a pair of pliers. Attempts to restart it failed immediately after and some time later after it cooled. Working on a 5 hp Tecumseh on a Troy-Bilt chipper. Other options New and used from $15.48. It should be a simple fix for them. 2,995 satisfied customers. I furrow my brow. Sometimes it is a pin that is either in or out. My Troy-Bilt 2-Cycle Gas Trimmer died on me the other day and I can't seem to find the problem. Position the tip of the plug about 3cm away from a metal point on the engine block that is touching the ground. For other brands, ... delivery delays may occur. It broke a rod, I rebuilt the motor, put it all back together, and started it up. . Please see all images. Find the most common problems that can cause a Troy Bilt String Trimmer not to work - and the parts & instructions to fix them. Switch will not kill power Troy bilt, TB490BC, Trimmer/brushcutter I took the handle apart and removed the kill switch. Jon K. Small Engine Diagnostic Expert. Just move the switch to the off or stop position and the engine shuts off. This means you have a problem. I was frustrated that no simple how-to article existed on what must be a fairly common problem, so here you go. Turn the switch off and check the meter -- it should read 0, which means that current is flowing through it. Troy-Bilt’s 2-cycle and 4-cycle string trimmers offer reduced starting effort with Spring Assist™ and an E-Z Link split shaft which accepts optional TrimmerPlus™ attachments which turn your grass trimmer into a multi-purpose yard maintaining machine! If it's having issues starting, for example, identify what is going on. The motherf*** piece of sh** edger will not turn off! . Check the obvious first. Stop the trimmer and allow it to cool off. Available models and pricing may vary by location. Some engines utilize a manual fuel primer bulb to enrich the ratio of fuel in … Now it will not even turn over. The "throttle" is that switch you have to flip before pulling the start cord. . The 2-Cycle curved shaft gas string trimmer is both Press2Start™ and TrimmerPlus® attachment capable, making it versatile and easy to use. Page 1 Operator’s Manual 4-Cycle Professional Trimmer TB6040 XP SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS For service call 1-800-828-5500, or 1-800-668-1238 in Canada to obtain a list of authorized service dealers near you. Ignition module, flywheel/magnets, spark plug, kill switch. What this does is "choke" your engine out and forces it to stall. I leave a terse message on Dwayne the lawnmower repair guy's voicemail, and schedule a meeting. Leaf Blowers Shop Parts by Brand . How to Replace a 3-Speed Ceiling Fan Chain Pull Switch, YouTube: - How to Replace the On/Off Switch on a Weed Eater XT10 String Trimmer (Part # 530347897), YouTube: Repair Clinic; On-Off Switch Replacement (part #545049301) - Poulan Pro String Trimmer/Pole Pruner Repair, Acme How To: How to Use a Meter to Test Continuity, YouTube: Small Engine Repair - How to Test the Ignition Switch or Kill Switch on a Honda GC 190, How to Wire a Timer Switch with No Neutral Connection, What to Do When an Electric Dryer Won't Turn on, How to Install a Thermocouple for a Propane Wall Heater. With the rag covering your hand and the gas cap, unscrew the gas cap with slow, even pressure. Engine Disclaimer: Engine power ratings are as certified by the engine manufacturer. Pricing Disclaimer: Posted price is in US Dollars and is the manufacturer's suggested sale price. It is equipped with the Kohler Courage 25hp 725cc motor: Spec PS-SV730-3043 : Serial 4304504874. Time Spiral (author) from Florida on May 17, 2013: A faster, and safer way to kill the engine is to simply pull the cord off the spark plug. I have a new Troy Bilt weed eater TB625 EC (only used 10 times or so only a few months old) the pull rope pulls and retracts but does not turn the motor. I check all the safety switches etc.. and then got back on the mower and it started. . . I think to myself. One day it would not start. offer 8 Troy-Bilt manuals and user’s guides for free. Kill switch bad and trimmer head broken. Share the user manual or guide on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Note that when the leads are apart, the reading is 1. Disconnect the electrical leads from the switch and touch the leads of the meter to the terminals. We have 1 Troy-bilt TB6040 XP manual available for free PDF download: Operator's Manual Troy-bilt TB6040 XP Operator's Manual (24 pages) 4-cycle professional trimmer The engine did not turn off. Chances are you're covered in disgusting lawn debris, dirt, and grime while frantically trying to figure this out while your small engine burns up in the backyard, so I'll get right to the point. In this example, I'm going to assume the edger is running, and you've already tried moving the kill switch into the off or stop position and the engine did not turn off. I was apprehensive about purchasing a used piece of lawn equipment, but I did a little on-site research and determined I was getting a good deal, so I made the purchase. This will effectively turn your engine off and will not (should not) damage your engine if you only have to do it once, or maybe a few times. Troubleshooting your Troy-Bilt weed trimmer starts with identifying what is happening, or in most cases, what is failing to happen. If you have not tried to use the off switch, that is the intended way to turn off the edger. So ensure the mower's tank has fresh gasoline. The on-off switch in a string trimmer is sometimes called the kill switch. 1-800-269-2609 24/7. If you have not tried to use the off switch, that is the intended way to turn off the edger. Troy-Bilt mowers come with numerous safety features. Thanks for looking! You can touch either lead to either terminal. . Air filter was absent. Unfasten the retaining screws at the base of the kill switch over the handle/shaft with a screwdriver or hex wrench, whichever is applicable to your specific make and model of trimmer. As a landscape builder, he helped establish two gardening companies. We do not recommend that any type of outdoor power equipment be operated after initial warm-up and with the choke control outside of the normal run position for longer than 5 minutes. Actual operating power may vary. My cordless Troy Built Trimmer (TB55B) won't work. Allow the machine to cool prior to working on it to avoid injury. I would turn the key and nothing would happen, no clicks, NOTHING. Dwayne, the lawnmower repair guy, demonstrated the edger and I liked it. It should come off easily and without issue. Your Account. Locate the switch and determine which part of the trimmer you have to disassemble to access the connections. Nothing. I walk into my house, traipsing dirt, fresh grass cuttings, and grime into the house, and start rattling through Google search pages. Besides having an abiding interest in popular science, Deziel has been active in the building and home design trades since 1975. troy-bilt trimmer TB70SS – replaced bulb, fuel filter and gas lines. Gas in bulb and on plug, new plug, spark present, feel compression when pulling cord. After mowing for about an hour, it just turned off. Includes repair parts, symptom troubleshooting, repair videos and more for my appliance. . If it's on the engine housing, you'll probably have to remove part of the housing. I do not recommend using this method to turn off your edger's engine on a regular basis! . In this example, I'm going to assume the edger is running, and you've already tried moving the kill switch into the off or stop position and the engine did not turn off. That $%@#%^ lawnmower guy ripped me off! One of these is the reverse cut-off switch, which people sometimes refer to as the "cut-in-reverse" cut-off switch. If the switch is in the handle, you may have to separate the two halves of the plastic housing on the handle. Outer insulation has a spot where the body of the trimmer has rubbed a hole in the outer insulation (see pic #4), but the harness is fully functional. I decided to create one for you. It usually indicated by a "cold start" and "warm start" label, sometimes a turtle and rabbit icon is used, etc .. For more details about your unit, visit our website at or I'm pissed. Read reviews, buy, and learn more here! Test the switch by touching one lead to that wire and the other lead to the a metal part of the engine. If the kill switch malfunctions, you could have trouble starting the trimmer or shutting it off, depending on what's wrong. I am having a heck of a time with my 42-in Troy-Bilt Bronco riding lawn mower. I also had a neighbor test the removed switch and verified it is working with an ohm meter. Find all the genuine replacement parts for Troy-Bilt on our Parts Diagram. In this article, I'm going to tell you exactly how to turn off a small engine, like that of an edger or a trimmer, when the off switch, sometimes called a kill switch, is not working. We are working hard to process your order and deliver your parts and equipment to you as timely as possible. Other components associated with the electrical wire harness may also need inspection and service. *&^*&!! You are about to open the gas cap while the engine is running. Usually this is a lever with an "up" or "down" position. We carry everything for your machine and the Parts Diagram helps visualize every component found in your equipment. Make sure the switch is in the ON position. 5.0 out of 5 stars 6. These readings mean that the small current generated by the battery in the meter flows with no resistance when the leads are touching and resistance is infinite when they're apart. I was trying to extend some line and was running the trimmer at full throttle for a few seconds when it suddenly quit running. This means you have a problem. String Trimmers. Carefully tip the edger over and pour the contents of the gas tank into the small bucket. This is potentially dangerous. A complete model overview for my TB80EC Troy-Bilt trimmer from So, I dump the contents of my edger's gas tank into a bucket and let it run itself out. But the actual cause is beside the point. Pull the wire off the spark plug if you didn't have to do that already to stop the trimmer. Otherwise, for most of us, I recommend taking it to your local lawnmower/small engine repair shop. Chris Deziel has a bachelor's degree in physics and a master's degree in humanities. . Have a look at the manual Troy-Bilt 2 Cycle Trimmer Manual online for free. The procedure is usually straightforward, and you can do it with a screwdriver. Make sure the area is clear of dogs, animals, or small children. Sisenny Ignition Coil Module Replacement Compatible with Troy-Bilt Trimmer TB22ec MTD 794-00053 794-00070 High Performance. Toggle kill switch would not stop Troy-Bilt string trimmer. (6 screws) and replaced the switch. Clear your body of the gas tank's opening direction and turn your head away from the opening. If it's bad, you may have to pull off the spark plug wire to stop the engine. Removed kill switch New plug Took flywheel off, and can lift a large set of vice grips with the magnets (lots of magnetism) Replaced ignition module with New module (twice) and no spark. . One of his technicians showed me how to choke the engine out, which helped create the inspiration for this article, and then fixed it. Identify one of these common problems: failing to start, having a hard time starting or dying quickly. It’s possible to download the document as PDF or print. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. Battery is new and charged. This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional. If it is difficult to start or operate the tractor - and the suspected cause is a safety switch - check that each switch is being engaged properly by the associated components. It is model TB20CS. Hello Everybody, I have Troy Bilt zero turn riding mower I recently purchased. If you have difficulty assembling this product or have any questions regarding the … If the reading is much lower than 1, it indicates that the switch is partially closed, which is a defect and means the switch needs replacing. Difficulty Level = Extremely EasyMaterials Needed = None - Maybe a small bucket and a shop ragExperience Level = Beginner. ... Off switch was not working. Free repair advice! Reassembled and started easily. I toggle the on/off switch back and forth a few times. If the switch is difficult to access, find the wire that leads from it to the engine ignition and disconnect it. I enjoy writing tutorials on how to fix things you can find around the house. I have a Troy bilt (MTD) string trimmer that has no spark: There are only 4 parts. Removed trigger grip assy. Refer to the engine manufacturer’s website for additional information. . Set a multimeter to measure ohms, then put the leads together and choose the scale that produces a reading of 0. Typically you have to rev the engine in the "Cold Start" position (turtle), and then fire the engine up in the "Warm Start" position (rabbit). Turn the switch to the "on" position; you should get a reading of 1 on the meter. 99. Yes, there is. I also have a lawn mower through them which I will be reviewing and its only been a month and the kill switch doesn't work so it runs til you pull the spark plug its also going in today. If the kill switch malfunctions, you could have trouble starting the trimmer or shutting it off, depending on what's wrong. I was wondering f this switch had anything to do with it. A high meter reading means that the contacts within the switch are faulty and that the switch needs replacing. You can expedite this by using the following method: This article will help you turn off your edger, even if the kill switch doesn't work, but that doesn't solve the bigger problem. . I raged for a few moments then started trying to figure out how to turn the damned thing off.

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