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hd600 vs hd6xx

My reference headphone for music is the HD600, although I also have the HD6XX and Elex from Massdrop, plus other headphones outside of Drop. This topic was covered pretty thoroughly back on mother Chang - a search over there will reveal some good discussions. frequency response graphs, CSD waterfall plots, subjective gear reviews. Let’s look at the basic stats to break ’em down. Definitely the 58x. I tried both brand new side by side, preferred the HD650s. No bloated nor ‘fat’ or muddy bass. Waiting for reports on whether the balanced out of V2 with IEMs is very noticeable. I just noticed the sub bass is slightly more powerful on the right with my new pair of 2019 HD650. HD580, HD600, HD650, HD660S, HD58X and HD6XX all have the same pads. Sennheiser HD598 vs HD600: Comparison of two popular, durable, powerful and best-selling headphones that are highly-rated on the market. Neither is ruler-flat. Comparitively speaking, The HD 660 S has a deep and full character, with airy highs, while the Sundara is defined by its clarity, separation and beautiful imaging. As for the HD6XX, the cost to ship to Singapore is a little prohibitive, but if you have contacts who can bring it in, then it is definitely the best value option to own a brand new Sennheiser HD600 series. Let’s see the breakdown. The general consensus has so far been that the HD660s improves upon the HD650, however its main detractor is that it's more than twice the price of the version produced by Drop… Somehow, Massdrop was able to sell this HD6XX for $199 new. That shaves $80 - $100 off of the usual HD650's, and still beats the HD600's by an easy $80 (although, I bought mine in person for ~$315, after sales tax, but supporting a local audio store). They're decently comfortable and have a decently well-balanced sound quality with an open-sounding soundstage. And that due to that they don't quite make the cut for mixing. It’s better suited for casual listening where your goal … The Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 6XX offer all the gorgeous sound of the much-beloved Sennheiser HD 650, but in a slightly different color, and at a significantly reduced price. In my opinion the HD650's are perhaps a bit more fun to listen to but the HD600's replicate natural acoustic instruments. Good for neutral listening. The simple answer, without delving in to specific pieces of equipment, is that the SE vs. 以前、当時所有していたSennheiser HD600とHD700の比較記事を書きました。 その比較記事の中で、HD600 の方がナチュラルで自然に近い表現をしているとも。このレビューについて、どの様にHD650とHD700を比べたのかを尋ねられますが (いずれもHD600と比べて、より深みがあり、暖かい感じがすると言われています)。残念ながらその質問には答えられません。私がHD650を聴いたのは、少なくとも… I'm definitely wanting to go with whatever is more flat/accurate. The HD6XX resembles a woman who’s sure of herself and doesn’t have to put on a front any longer. Same goes for the Mojo. The HD6XX is going to sound very different tonally and perhaps not to your taste coming from K701 and SRH840. Bring up the topic of HD600 vs HD650 headphones and you may end up losing a friendship. HD 600 is a mix of black and blue intertwined to give you a marble finish. I was using the HD600 converted to Massdrop 6xx. They may be great, but you can’t say they’re “essentially” anything other than a copy/inspired by design. Sennheiser HD600 has a sharper edge on the strings, it has a better defined placement of instruments. Assuming Gungnir Multibit as the DAC. more_vert. Just a slightly bigger headstage on the Super 7 (which had the 4-pin XLR for convenience like the BW and because it is a better connector with no shorting on input/removal). He loves them, great price. The roll off in the sub bass is not going to seriously affect enjoyment of music, and it is superior in every other way - especially when sound stage was mentioned as a … How do you think the HD600 would do with a Dangerous Music Source as the headphone amp? The Sennheiser HD600 deliver a good, well-balanced frequency response. Okay, then let me ask another way...What are the best/most recommended truly balanced amps for the Sennheiser trio? I was really surprised. 0. reply. For the Black Widow, when I get it back I can do some switching- not sure how noticeable it is. It feels less focused, but wider sounding. If you are a causal listener, look for the cheaper DT990. But I'm open to suggestions as far as amps go ($2500 probably being my absolute limit). Nov 14, 2019. However I really like some extra volume/headroom on tap when you're tracking sources to say -18db for example... need to really goose the output a little bit to hear what's going on. hd6xx vs hd650, The HD6XX is a brand new HD650 for only $199. For contemporary music, 650 all the way... for rock, I'd choose the 600. comfort overrides everything for me. For me it's more accurate. Lows. 前段时间我整了款二手的hd650做了个评测,对于这款服役13年之久的经典耳机,确实能让很多人找到共鸣。 尽管hd650不是一款好伺候的耳机,但正是这迷人的气质让它勾引了一批又一批的拥趸,所以对于hd650,你会看到一… Sennheiser HD598 vs HD600… Hell, the HD650 was a vast departure from its more clinical little brother: The HD600. Different amps, different topologies, different design objectives, different capabilities, etc, A healthy approach to understanding measurements, After being asked for the 308th time, Merv lists top 5 headphones, $1000 to the first to design a headamp using discrete components with better measurements than Magni 3+, http://www.superbestaudiofriends.or...-i-get-this-sonorous-iv.707/page-2#post-18234,, http://www.superbestaudiofriends.or...r-hd800-650s-maybe-some-planars.58/#post-1747, (You must log in or sign up to reply here. I consider the 600 more honest in the lows and highs, and the 650 the more hifi'ish of the two models. hd600 그릴과 hd650 헤드패드를 장착한 제 hd580과 스까 … Get the Elex and get it soon. 컬러만 올 블랙으로 바뀐 hd650이라고 보아도 무방합니다. At the same time, they also differ a bit in the design. Are You *Really* Mixing/Mastering With the Sennheiser HD 600's ? Def happier. … Continued These aren’t actually mde by Sennheiser though right? For arguments sake, I'll use the Mojo 2 as an example. The HD600 signature bends towards a very responsive but low-balanced bass with well-focused mid and clean rendering but the highest ‘lying’ highs. After that testing (which someone else confirmed on my unit), I decided to just use 4-pin whenever possible. Perhaps, but my money is on no. It's more the perception of flat. Balanced (TRRS) out of the Geek Out V2. And is it generally worth the expense? Sort by. It looks decently priced for a balanced amp. The slightly warm but mostly neutral sound signature works well on pretty much all of the music to which I listen and I can enjoy it at low volumes. This is quite literally the best open-back headphone deal that exists and I hope it forces Sennheiser to wake up and go back to their roots. V200 I love this piece of music, with its gentle violin and slow build-up. 268. It probably has a better paint job as well that won’t decay in a few years time, as all HD650’s of old tend to. The sound signature is not ‘warm’ but closer to HD600 but with deeper bass. HD6XX: HD58X: What's the difference between these? Less muddy more sub bass and more clear topend. I demoed both and the pair closest to sounding like my K&H 0300's was the HD600's.. My buddy has the Massdrop HD6xx which to my understanding is essentially an HD650. Actually problem solved: with my Audient ID14 I can set the level of left and right output, so I'm decreasing the right side and it's perfectly panned now. ). Massdrop Sennheiser HD 58X $150: Massdrop: Community-Driven Commerce I like the HD6XX better, HD58X sounds too grainy and lack of resolution to me, sounds almost identical when plugged to my 3 amps, including CTH, FIIO Q1 MK2(sounded like crap in balanced mode), and SMSL SAPII; where HD6XX sounds completely different on all 3 amps. I own some sennheiser hd58xx and hd600's, focal elears, fostex t60rp, and others. Yet a couple of people here and there seem to think the 650s are the superior choice. There's not masses in it but they have a better bottom end imo, the 600s (for my taste) were thin. Summary The Elex and HD58X sound more similar than different, but for my own use, I prefer the HD58X, price no object. But if you’re new to the Sennheiser lineup, and you’re debating on the Sennheiser HD650 or the HD700, which one do you opt for and why? Concentrate on what a specific piece of gear sounds like and what it's capabilities truly are, not what its inputs/outputs are. I liked the 600. The New Reference: HD 560S. Never seen anyone say that about the 600s. Most headphone outputs are fine, especially for listening to mastered/compressed/loud program material, and probably for mixing too. The evolution of the original irreverent and irrelevant and non-authoritative site for headphone measurements, i.e. So disappointed by Senhheiser, perfect headphones otherwise, best I ever had for mixing. Now, could all these perceived differences in the mid-range be attributed to the one pad on the 600 being slightly more depressed than the other? Instruments and vocals are clear and crisp, and the open design gives these headphones a spacious soundstage. you can't tell if it's an "amp too"? Hey there! If someone is deciding between HD8 DJ and HD600, I would recommended HD600 in a heartbeat. It’s also far more comfortable for me to wear than the Elex. I still see HD650’s being sold for $499 here and there on the Internet and nearer to $300 on the used market. Owing both models, I'd say they are both fairly honest portrayals of signal. Neither model, on the scale of today's headphones with massively scooped midrange, sparkle highs and puffy low end, meets the definition of hifi'ish to be fair. I have done a lot of browsing and watching of video comparisons. I'm assuming Balancing Act for no-holds-barred, Mojo 2 for value/price-to-performance? I’m getting mine tomorrow, but don’t have a 600 or 650 to compare. 저도 예전에 HD600 리뷰를 썼던 적이 있지만, HD6xx의 등장에 맞춰 HD600을 되돌아보는 의미에서 다시 한번 리뷰해보고자 합니다. The HD6xx series has about 21mm depth in the front and rear side where the HD560S has 21mm in the front and 28mm in the back (where it counts). It tends to smooth over the rough edges in music, like sandpaper to wood. It makes a massive difference on my HD6XX I use the HD650 preset. pslayer1. They are made by Sennheiser, with tweak requests from Massdrop. SOUND – Sennheiser HD 660 S vs Hifiman Sundara Comparison Review. Dont have 6XX but what Im gathered it just has a different paintjob than original, which is propably not a big deal as the paint is almost completely chipped … In terms of design, both the headphones are similar in many ways. However, the Rag is gimped if running via single ended, as the topology is inherently balanced. While the HD660s is no longer a new headphone, within the context of its predecessor's longstanding history, the HD660s' tenure as Sennheiser's higher-end version of this type of headphone has just begun. The biggest difference that I have heard is HD600/650 SE (TRS) vs. bookmark_border. The implementation matters here. The HD600 might be more suitable (less thick, more forward in the vocals region). I had all three (6xx, 660s and Elex). I paid $299 for my used HD650 a few years ago and thought I got a good deal. Sennheiser HD650 vs HD700 Comparison Review I'm leaning 58x right now because they'll be easier to drive and they'll keep me at a lower customs tax bracket. The thinner soundi… Hopefully in a few weeks it will even out but so far I have to tweak my headphones tighter on the left to correct the imbalance. We did a shootout a couple of years ago between the HD650 and HD600, and we both preferred the HD600. hd6xx의 디자인은 hd650과 거의 차이가 없습니다. What are your favorite headphones in the mastering room. Just a friendly reminder that political discussion, (including "offhand" and 'sideways' commenting) is. waitaminnit. I don't use the HD600's on the artists when tracking if there's a microphone near it obviously, but I use it all the time during tracking to get an idea of mic placement and dialing up tones. With the HD650 it seems like there is more going on in the music, however. Balanced issue really isn't worth getting too worked up about. With EC Super 7 there was a slight bit of difference but not as noticeable. My single ended Glenn OTL custom tube amp easily out resolves my Ragnarok, with the Glenn being fed by Yggdrasil's SE outputs and the Rag being fed by the balanced outputs. I have to enjoy what I'm listening to, and I didn't really enjoy recordings that I liked when listening with the 600s like I did with the 650s. sennheisers I can wear all day long. On the violin soloist passages, the HD600 is a clear favorite, but when the drama comes, I am not quite as sure on which is better. Both have a dynamic and open design and weigh identical at 260 grams. Hd600 vs dt990: Which model is value for money. The Sennheiser HD660sis the successor to the much loved HD650, which is now being produced by as the HD6XX. They all say the 650 is darker, but with better bass and soundstage. Not to confuse things, but Massdrop is now shipping the new HD58x, which looks to be a sort of “best of” headphone from the HD6xx series. Thanks - as I said, you can't see that unless you register! It is comfortable, produces nice quality sound and is only priced at USD175. I haven't heard it, but to me, It would probably make the HD800 sound worse, since that headphone is already too detailed as it is when connected to a reference dac/amp. Too objective for subjectivists; too subjective for objectivsts. The HD-600 is an amazing headphone for modern jazz, symphonic discs or well-produced rock music. The HD650 offers a warmer and more relaxed overall sound. It simply reinforces the previous impressions I have had of Sennheiser at this level. The transients match both my reference speakers, and the mid range isn't as boxy as the 600. For more information, you can read the comparisons between Sennheiser HD 598 vs 600. Yep, and they're 150ohm so easier to drive vs. the 300ohm HD600/HD650. both models are fairly loudspeaker-like in their rendition. Now I am looking at the HD600 and HD6XX (which is basically a HD650, Senhaiser admitted it themselves) with the opportunity to get either at the same price. Also there are great new tools like Dsoniq Realphones to make them a bit more linear. Despite its shortcomings, it is a great headphone for everyday listening. Unfortunately, they lack a bit of bass compared to closed-back neutral listening headphones and also tend to be a bit forward with instruments and vocals but overall they have a good sound quality that's suitable for casual and neutral listening. Massdrop HD6XX (currently $199): I thought this was an HD650 clone but it might be an HD600 clone (perhaps someone knows fer sur). The HD600 resembles a young lady who’s still got some growing up to do.

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