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Starts out a bit more rose, ends up a bit more Light Blue. so she fell in love with this fragrance meanwhile pregnant and all but this reminds me of my Mexican aunt. Eau de Parfum. Soft, persistent and long lasting. This is NOT Bond 9 Perfumista Ave, I have that one & have worn it enough to know the difference.This is more Rose, PA has the Saffron . Ca toate creațiile lui Pierre Montale, și apa de toaletă Roses Musk este creată din ingrediente de cea mai înaltă calitate, în concentrații mari, pentru o persistență de excepție. Mix Chloe “Roses de Chloe” with Dolce and Gabbana “Light Blue”. Musk here is too loud. Does anyone else get a hint of hair coloring dye? Perfume lovers: 589011 Product description An intensified version of the best seller, Intense Roses Musk still features the most pure Roses delicately harmonized by the precious Musk, underlined with a touch of Amber and … Roses Musk Limited ROSE. LPDO ROSE SENSUELLE PROFUMO EQUIVALENTE "MONTALE ROSES MUSK" EDP 100ML. All our fragrances are expressed in distinct universes, and each of them will invite you to a unique voyage manifested by the creative freedom of an exceptional perfumer. i could marinate in it... to me it's the epitome of the middle east, there's something so sensual and delicate about it. One sits on top and it smells almost innocent, a girly rose floral. I love roses. Nice roses, very-very long lasting scent. Some roses are dowagers; others are jammy fruity florals; others are orientals. E’ stato lanciato sul mercato nel 2009. Montale ROSES MUSK Eau de Parfum Travel Spray SAMPLE. It wears beautifully on my skin, I get a sparkling rose and I detect the amber. The nose behind this fragrance is Pierre Montale. Even the mega hyped Delina to me it smells super cheap. this might be a weird way to describe a scent but it smells like a concentrated rose petal essential oil in a perfume form, like an infused rose oil with lots of musk and a touch of sweetness. Between this and Roses Vanille I definitely prefer Roses Vanille. I absolutely adore musk from squeaky clean to absolutely filthy. Musk. i always get compliments whenever i wear it. Profumi Tester Montale , Montale Roses Musk Tester fragranza del gruppo floreale legnoso muschiato , creato nel 2009 , ed è grazie a Pierre Montale che ci ha dato il privilegio di questa formidabile fragranza . The roses in Roses Musk are sweet and sugary, like their soft bright red petals are coated in sugar. Have to say I'm not a fan of rose scents , but this blew me away. Gorgeous rose and sweet jasmine going to head to head, with the powder just making it so fresh and clean. This fragrance is purely Arabian. Settling in with some soft powdery note added. Montale presents a more intense version of the fragrance Roses Musk to complete opus of rose-based … Long lasting and sillage is good. This scent just blew me away at first sniff. It is not easy to find a perfume that blends right in with your body. Smelling Roses Musk now, I can say with confidence that the roses in both fragrances are nearly identical: fresh, photo-realistic sweet roses devoid of powder. Worth to try it. I find roses dominating on me at least, and though I'm a huge fan of musk, I would not describe this as a musky scent. Product Title Montale Roses Musk Eau De Parfum Spray, Unisex Perfu ... Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars, based on 3 reviews 3 ratings Current Price $75.01 $ 75 . I don't even know where to begin with this scent, only that I love this scent so much and it holds a very special place in me. Like a flawless diamond … Try a sample $4.00. This is one of my favourite fragrance, it's simple but very likable. This isn't out of this world or really revolutionary, but it is quite lovely, fun, youthful without being innocent or naive and unique enough that it stands out without being overtly odd. Il profumo è una declinazione più intensa del Roses Musk creato 7 anni prima e si distingue per la sua altissima concentrazione di rose e muschio che lo rendono al tempo stesso conturbante e discreto. It's very soft and simple yet long-lasting and very high quality. It smells very similar to Roses Musk… Montale presents a more intense version of the fragrance Roses Musk to complete opus of rose-based fragrances. I think my nose had to get used to this, as a newbie in the frag world. Thanks to Montale! I don't normally like roses as they tend to remind me of many unfavorable things, the rose here is only mildly hearkening back to something I may not like. Initial scent brought me back to being a teenager in Alabama - wanting to be grown, but with a touch of innocence. It's not shy about smelling synthetic; on my skin, I get a really addictive hit of ambroxan. I don’t like rose in perfumery because it reminds me about those cheap bulgarian rose perfumes. I rarely wear women's fragrances, but I adore this one. I like this perfume. I love this perfume and it's well on it's way to being my signature. I love you, Roses Musk Montale. Not as amazing on me but I won't give up. But Montales are strong to the point of being repellant. But the crazy part about it is... other people love it on me! i absolutely adore this! Silky musky rose! All in all this is totally a unisex scent. It’s a good out of the shower rose body wash scent. Muschio. To be clear I'm not saying that's necessarily a negative thing......But it certainly is very, very weird. I like that this has Montale touch to it (well, of course it has...), but this is not what I expected after the first moments of opening. People can smell it on you even next day after a shower! Most Montale are very high quality and it would be great if I could find them more easily and cheaper! Le rose danno una nota appassionata con un rinfrescante fiorire di profumo floreale. out of In my mind, It is the best rose perfume for the best occasion. Not warm enough for me for winter (Roses Vanille is the winter version of it to me) but cant wait to wear in spring. The queen of montale perfumes. I'm not sure I can start talking about Roses Musk without getting tears falling down my face.. I've had this on for about 15 minutes. I can't smell muskiness. So when this one opened up with such a rich, juicy rose note, I was thrilled for all of 5 minutes. Montale Roses Musk is available to Scentbird members for just $14.95/month for 0.27oz Join our community of 400,000+ subscribers who discover new designer scents every month. Blended together with a hint of sweetness to create a rose scent that is absolutely divine and astonishingly airy and light. The first time I tried this perfume, I have to be honest I wasn't impressed at all. To my nose, Montale ROSES MUSK--at least the batch from which my sample was drawn--is really a masculine rose. (if you notice a lot of perfumes have jasmine as a base) this is something you would wear on a night out or on a first date. This perfume is as the name suggests: rose and musk. It was 95 degrees today and this never felt too heavy. Nothing I haven't smelled before but somehow Roses musk has bowled me over. Montale rose is honey-sweat pleasure to inhale. I thought it would be all about rose and musk and jasmin, but there is a stronger alcoholic ingredient that vanishes everything I was expecting to love. Scegli la consegna gratis per riparmiare di più. 425.00 AED AED The best rose in my collection for sure. I had this fragrance purchased for me abroad without actually knowing what this smells like, only be recommendation from people who like the same fragrances that I do (Chloe and Rodriguez edt). Clicca sulla variante che desideri per leggere le opinioni, lasciate dai clienti. Are you looking for a specific note or fragrance? If it was beautiful that would be awesome, but it's awful...just awful. I could smell the Rose when I opened the box , I looked to make sure it had not leaked. Vyzkoušet by ji měla také každá dáma, která oceňuje skutečnou kvalitu a … Amber Musk è stato lanciato sul mercato nel 2018. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. EUR 85,00. The musk in Roses Musk smells just like Juliette Has A Gun's Not A Perfume to me. And the more I smell it the more it remind me of Al Haramain Musk. The nose behind this fragrance is Pierre Montale. I love rose, and I love musk, and I thought what could go wrong? MONTALE PARIS ROSES MUSK EDP 100ML. My first Montale fragrance and I’m blown away. This is a "cold" rose to me. It also smells like a quality fragrance along the lines of TF quality but from what I see online, it is priced much lower. I find it identical to Juliette Has a Gun Mad Madame. Trova una vasta selezione di Montale Roses Musk a Profumi da donna a prezzi vantaggiosi su eBay. This is a clean rose scent with great longevity. To my nose, Montale ROSES MUSK--at least the batch from which my sample was drawn--is really a masculine rose. Just started using a sample of this ....I might have to have it. 2,407 votes. This is a rose for people who want their roses unadulterated with other superfluous flowers and needless complications. Marca: MONTALE. Identical on the dry down. Thank You Montale, love your Chocolate Greedy as well. Does exactly what it says on the tin, not sure why some people were expecting a fresh or clean rose. In case somebody is wondering. Men love it. 01 List List … Roses Musk Eau de Parfum. with a teeny hint of rose and jasmine. Muschio. Similar to Stella rose absolute very feminine and soft the only down part is the staying power. It is similar to Mancera Roses Vanille which is a tad sweeter and cozier thanks to the vanilla note. I own PdM's Delina and I now have a decant of Roses Musk! I am trying to smell in this all the wonderful things others are smelling, but I can't seem to get there! I didn't try it on my skin but chemistry wise I do think that scents can smell different on different skin but not vastly. Go freakin' figure! Great for spring and summer! Tocca o passa con il mouse per ingrandire . Just test-drove my brand-new sample of this, and I'm crushed. There are a few differences at play with the rest of their compositions, however. The performance of this baby is pretty awesome. i personally don't smell much jasmine in this it just has that soap powder smell that comes off as jasmine. This is a suitable fragrance to be a signature or for everyday use. definitely a signature scent. So I decided to buy it sooner or later and yesterday I did. Montale Roses Musk è un Capolavoro della maison di Parigi, l’unione delle note utilizzate in questa fragranza creano un sillabe sopraffino. It's pretty linear and does not develop much which in this particular case I really appreciate because I love this Rose that much. Slightly sweet, fizzy, warm rose, musk, white flower and cedar scent. To me this smells like flowers that you pick from the wild. I've read comparisons between the two before and was curious to see exactly how similar they are. Blended together with a hint of sweetness to create a rose scent that is absolutely divine and astonishingly airy and light. beautiful combination or Roses Jasmin ans Musk.lasts all day on me and people compliment a lot on this perfume. Note di Testa: Essenza di Rosa. It is, put simply, utterly fantastic. Formato: 100 ml Anno: anni 2000 Naso: Pierre Montale Le Rose più pure sublimate ed armonizzate dal Muschio Prezioso, sottolineate da un tocco d’Ambra e di Gelsomino per un effluvio spumeggiante di eleganza I normally LOVE anything with musk in it. Love. So just to warn people, but the other perfume (chocolate greedy) which I have ordered several times prior is fine, so I will wait and see what the customer services respond, but if I am stuck with it, it's a lot of money to waste 100 euros for something which isnt even as strong as eau de cologne. I get a little rose but mainly I get under arm type musk/must. I first heard this on a friend on NY's eve and this scent lasted all night. The 2015 sample which i received a few days ago from euroshop smelled like roses and ambroxan pure. As others have mentioned, this turns into something very similar to Not a Perfume by Juliette Has A Gun. Would you like to know which fragrances fit you best? Squisite Rose baciate dalla rugiada in piena fioritura che lasciano senza fiato. The nose behind this fragrance is Pierre Montale. roses de chloe smells very similar to this but less musky and definitely more delicate. Profumi Tester Montale , Montale Roses Musk Tester fragranza del gruppo floreale legnoso muschiato , creato nel 2009 , ed è grazie a Pierre Montale che ci ha dato il privilegio di questa formidabile fragranza .Il nome sembra cosi’ semplice , ma dice tutto , rose e muschio . The nose behind this fragrance is Pierre Montale. At the first second I get heavily alcohol smell, I need to hold my breath for a few secs until I could smell rose ( Freshly cut from the stem kind of rose) and oud (very heavy oud) at the dry down musk started to peek through. It offers an uncomplicated yet powerful median rose combined with fresh laundry musks. Definitely try a sample before buying. I spent months looking for a sample of this elusive gem. Smells like roses, musk, and some floral back notes. I feel like I'm missing something with this scent. … It’s that type of smell that gets better in the dry down. This is straight up Intense Cafe but lighter, no sweetness, the spring flanker. La piramide olfattiva. Scegli la consegna gratis per riparmiare di più. it almost smells artificial in a way. 50 ML 100 … This is a pass for me. The nose behind this fragrance is Pierre Montale. Nella lista seguente troverai diverse varianti di montale profumo e recensioni lasciate dalle persone che lo hanno acquistato.Le varianti sono disposte per popolarità dal più popolare a quello meno popolare.. Lista delle varianti di montale profumo più vendute. It’s youthful and not granny like. “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet?” Well, maybe not when it comes to the perfume industry and the innumerable interpretations of this flower. Its strong and men love it. This is perfect for workplace. Musk and roses in a bottle (not complex perfume). Voleur de Roses blend with Black XS pour homme. But I can't handle MONTALE ROSE MUSK . Roses Musk by Montale is a Floral Woody Musk fragrance for women. Don’t overspray...2-3 is enough. I adore this scent! Pierre Montale is passionate about rose and has used roses from France, Bulgaria,Turkey, India, Saudi Arabia and Morocco in his fragrances. Il nome sembra cosi’ semplice , ma dice tutto , rose … Gorgeous for the first hour, the musk then turned very sharp on my skin. No musc, but I measure musc by Narciso scale. Luckily, if I spray this on my clothes, it retains the rose smell and smells fantastic for hours. Online right now: 2408, Fragrantica in your language: Kind of makes me think of swimming in a chlorinated pool surrounded by blooming roses. Definitely worth a try if you love that musk note! It was magical. I do not think the sample was diluted either because I could see and feel the oil in it, and could smell it well into the next day, even after bathing. The fragrance features rose, jasmine and musk. Rose is my absolute favorite note. Montale Roses Musk … I would prefer if it would be at least 1 more flower here. Very feminine, it is a comforting scent with some woody touch. Montale – Roses Musk. A true symbol of olfactory elegance, vanilla takes on a leading role in our creations. My first wearing of Roses Musk was to my grandfather's funeral, three weeks ago. This is *not* the rose of Stella or Juliette Has a Gun's "Lady Vengeance" (though each has its charms). Very disappointing. i'm a huge fan of rose scents and this is probably my most luxurious smelling rose perfume. Copyrights © 2006-2020 perfumes magazine - All Rights Reserved - do not copy anything without prior written permission. A portrait of an intrepid, passionate and sensual woman. I don`t think this can be strongly disliked by anyone - it is so easy, nice, sweety fresh, gentle. It's a unisex perfume and not too sweet. Such pure oils are so rich they can overload our noses and be perceived as awful. Free shipping . Roses Musk was launched in 2009. I can barely smell the rose note but the musk which makes it a warm scent. Montale Roses Musk. Intense Roses Musk di Montale Paris viene creato nel 2015 dalla maison parigina, a 7 anni di distanza dall'amato Roses Musk, infatti è una declinazione più intensa dello stesso ma molto più preziosa. The musk cuts through but the rose remains. Marca: MONTALE. Roses Musk by Montale is a Floral Woody Musk fragrance for women. Aoud Legend. Given to me as a gift and the only perfume I have ever owned which has made me physically throw up. I kept sniffing her throughout the day and this is what I thought. Beauty Almanac |. But it doesn't. this is not a clean, flirty, or light rose perfume. لا أستطيع مقاومة كل هذا الجمال و الرقه و النعومه .. سيجبرك أريج هذا العطر على الإذعان لرائحته الفريدة الناعمه المبتكرة .. مناسب جداً للجنسين . Warning: the lists of ingredients used in the composition of Montale Parfums Paris products are regularly updated. Roses Musk for me smells just like a fresh rose. :( The gorgeous roses are totally defeated by a medicinal, rubbing alcohol scent. Discover the soul of the Oud, mysterious, ancient and woodsy, where man and woman are swept … My skin and this perfume don't get along. Starts out plasticky like many Montale-Mancera but settles down to a creamy clean jasmine-rose scent. A lighter Stella with an odd hair dye scent. Volume: 100ml. So disappointed. Montale Roses Musk Perfume by Montal... (. Goes a little chemical, metallic quickly at about 2 minutes on me. I got my deluxe sample through a monthly subscription service and something must be off. Clean and crisp, long lasting rose and musk perfume. I really like it. Scent is a very powerful thing about a person. It is very well balanced and keeps the opening notes thoughout wearing it (!??!). My nose wants to characterize this with all the other rose-oud blends I've encountered. As it dries down, the musk really fades and the rose gets jammy and I start to get some peony and amber? Tester Montale , Intense Roses Musk Tester, è una fragranza del gruppo floreale da donna creato nel 2015 dalla maison parigina. I bought a decant and would not buy a FB. Photorealistic red and pink roses, musk, amber and a bit of wood. Treat someone or yourself with a personalized gift box, Free delivery in Europe for all orders of €125 and more. MONTALE INTENSE ROSES MUSK EXTRAIT DE PARFUM SPRAY FOR WOMEN 1.7 Oz / 50 ml NEW. Fresh and linear; not soapy on my skin. Utterly nauseating. Muschio morbido, pulito e amante della pelle che accarezza i sensi. Ordered this as a blind buy via the reviews, bought it from the official website, that I have been using since 2013 and it came today and there is something definitely wrong with the perfume as it doesn't smell of anything, if I was to press my nose into my hand I could just make something out, I dont know if this a one off or ? But wait for the dry down it's amazing. Yep! A soft, clean blend of roses and musk. I am so disappointed. i get compliments every time i wear this... mmmmmm. I was so excited when the box arrived. The person who said 70% rose and 30% musk is about right. Reminds me a bit of the rose note in Chloe, but the musk tempers it a lot. This gets 10 stars from me & is already officially a HG Perfume in my Arsenal!!! If you're a rose lover, this is a MUST!! Ingrandisci. At this stage it screams summer to me. My own brain has committed an act of treachery! I finally found it and what do I discover? :(. Strange that somebody sometimes feels that there is an amber here. EDP 100 ml. Perfectly unisex, not feminine, not masculine. Pure lovely rose on opening. It has got a woody musky undertones that completely … Delicate and beautiful. Roses Musk Montale (tested from a dabber). I didn't even know jasmine was anywhere in the makeup of this scent. Un intenso bouquet di rose bagnate di rugiada e avvolto da una nuvola di muschio bianco pronto ad accarezzarti la pelle. Really enjoying this! Read about this perfume in other languages: Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Русский, Polski, Português, Ελληνικά, 汉语, Nederlands, Srpski, Română, العربية, Українська, Монгол, עברית. Quick Preview; Add To Wishlist; Try A Sample; Montale. Grazie a internet, si stanno diffondendo presso un pubblico che vuole andare oltre i prodotti di massa che comunemente si trovano in … It is luxurious perfume. Was excited to finally try it out as I’ve never smelled a Montale perfume before. However, I don't understand why it disappears within a couple of hours, even if I heavily spray! What a luminous romantic rose. Subito a casa e in tutta sicurezza con eBay! At the beginning I get only alcohol, and when it dries off I get rose, but the acid kind of rose, it's not refreshing in my skin, it's not pleasant, so many better rose perfumes out there. Follow us on twitter @fragrantica and Facebook fan page. Totally on my wish list now even though I have about 4,762 rose perfumes already. Roses Musk was launched in 2009. Discover a sweet and sensual universe where man and woman are swept away into the same wake. I like rose. Someone may think this perfume is generic but many perfumes with rose are immortal, including this gem. You went in hard with the WD40 to try to loosen up the cap but a lot of the liquid accidentally found its way inside the bottle and mixed in with the perfume. Rose and musk together, I’m smitten! Roses Elixir is a flirtatious fragrance that blends notes of rose with citruses, strawberries, jasmine, orange blossom and amber, musk and … I know a lot of people say Montale fragrances always have a synthetic smell (which I tend to agree) but I don’t think this is the case with Roses Musk. I am very surprised there aren't more reviews for this scent. NUOVO PACK Le Rose più pure sublimate ed armonizzate dal Muschio Prezioso, sottolineate da un tocco d’Ambra e di Gelsomino per un effluvio spumeggiante di eleganza. This is the first Montale that I nearly love. Stai cercando il profumo Montale Intense Roses Musk? I am saying this to all of you (including me) that we're trying like mad to find THE ONE in a world full of new 'weak'-generic releases but deep inside we all know which one is it...most probably discontinued or used by everyone. Miscelato con un pizzico Yesterday I wore a sample of this, the opening is indeed roses but not the heavy stuff like Fleur de Bulgarie by Creed. I find this perfume transcendentally beautiful.Roses musk opens with a pure Rose scent.This is rapidly joined by a prickly,peppery Jasmine which gives Roses Musk some depth.Then the cuddly white musk warms up this composition in the drydown.This perfume is very long lasting in my opinion,with moderate silage. I'm glad I only got the subscription vial from Sc*ntb*rd. Quick Preview; Add To Wishlist; Try A Sample; Montale… Roses Musk Limited ROSE. 5 su 5 stelle. Musk to Musk by Montale is a Oriental Woody fragrance for women and men. RAPIDO E GRATUITO. I'd say they are dupes, the only different is Rose Musk gave monster projection while Al Haramain Musk stay close to the skin, they both last all day on me. This smells like fresh roses growing in the yard with a gentle breeze of musk. Amber Musk di Montale è una fragranza del gruppo Orientale unisex. One of my favorites by Montale. Considering the price difference, I could understand some going for the less expensive option, but I definitely like this one, as it's a rosy oud that has no "sharp edges" and isn't "chemical" (though those who have yet to try oud scents may perceive things that way, of course). This smells like exactly the same rose, layered over a bit more musk. Roses have such a wide range of characteristics and can be everything from a dark, dusty and dramatic rose to a fresh light rose with greenish notes, or a classical vampy red one. Pink bottle with strips has better smell. ABOUT THE FRAGRANCE: Smells like it sounds. $189.00 TAKE $25 OFF EVERY $200: DISCOUNT APPLIED IN BAG ; Quick View. It's good. It reminds me rose fragrance you’ll find in a face wash or skincare like Lancôme. It is well supported by the musk. Montale. Like a flawless diamond in a solitaire setting, sometimes it's best to leave perfection uncluttered. Develops beautifully. Montale Intense Roses Musk by Montale Eau De Parfum Spray 3.4 oz / 100 ml (Women) 3,1 su 5 stelle 4 101,52 € 101,52 € (101,52 €/100 ml) 149,50 € 149,50€ Roses Musk by Montale smells exactly like Mancera Roses Vanille. But the musk in this really sets it off. Montale Roses Musk 3.4fl.oz 100ml new in box, best quality, SALE! per omaggiare il fiore icona del romanticismo, la rosa, Roses Musk è una composizione in cui l’essenza di rosa viene miscelata sapientemente al muschio, all’ambra e al gelsomino per dar vita ad una fragranza elegante, seducente e spumeggiante. A gorgeous clean fresh rose! The rose there is more present,more dominant and the notes more clear. It smells like roses sprayed with chemicals, not the loveliness others are describing. Trying Roses musk was a kind of eye-opener for me. Hugely musky on opening, with a light rose scent. Roses Musk 3 . Intense Roses Musk by Montale is a Floral fragrance for women. It has indeed similarity to Juliette has a gun Mad madam as an earlier reviewer mentioned, another of the (few) scents I dislike. Stella is a stronger scent of rose and it last and last. It's sweet, very musky and the rose is an interesting uplifting almost green note that really keeps everything from feeling too heavy. The same rose used in Montale's Roses Musk or Mancera's Roses Vanille, but CRYSTAL FLOWERS then adds the same scents as CHLOE but with a Montale/Mancera rose. Ca toate creațiile lui Pierre Montale, și apa de toaletă Roses Musk este creată din ingrediente de cea mai înaltă calitate, … Gorgeously Blended. It is very long lasting yet I found myself respraying over and over because the first hour is just fabulous and I wanted to experience it over and over. Intense Roses Musk was launched in 2015. Long lasting sweet dried rose, not an ultra fresh dewy rose, though not a powdery dried rose, pretty and lady-like and very wearable. MONTALE EAUX DE PARFUMS Roses Musk EDP 100 ml 12920 MRM33 . Descrizione Montale Roses Musk Tester , Profumi Tester Montale. gee i have it on and its very light on me :-( sucha shame! MONTALE ROSES MUSK INTENSE, her big sister, is much better though. I love Rose perfumes, I have a bunch in my collection and I love my Roses dewy, light and fresh. Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. This product is not for me, because of the slight rose note. It really is a beautiful rose, if your skin works well with it. My friends reaction when we met was (after I put some on my wrists in a perfume shop)"wow, this smells really good and suits you". All rose fragrances I’ve tried reminded me that cheap bulgarian scent. Montale did a wonderful job of balancing out the rose and musk. You will get many compliments when you wear this perfume. In the same ballpark as Oud Touch by Franck Olivier but I think this one is smoother, though a bit more "feminine." Not a bad fragrance but definitely overpriced. Unfortunately, on my skin the rose disappears quickly (within 10 minutes) and I'm left with only the synthetic woods smell, which is quite sickening. This perfume sounds lovely in rainy, humid climate. Smells heavenly and very long lasting!! It's very romantic. Montale Roses Musk este o aromă definită de două epitete: sclipitoare și elegantă. Soft and delicate. There is more ambergris, I'd say, than musk, but the musk contributes no doubt as well to the overall effect of this perfume which pushes it all the way to unisex, and just a touch over the edge to the masculine side. Now I have MUSK!!!!! And cheaper. I'm not sure how I feel about this perfume yet. Montale Roses Musc, 10 ml GLASS sample, it is from authentic Montale perfume. Longevity and sillage are very good. Sure it does smell like rose but there’s just more to it! To my olfactory senses gthis is a perfect combination. There are much more interesting rose scents on offer from Montale, fan favorite or no fan favorite. Rose. most rose perfumes are flirty or romantic or fresh but i've never smelled a rose scent that was truly mesmerizing. Though I like both rose and musk, I suddenly realized that it is the combination that does not work at all for me. Note di Testa: Essenza di Rosa. The name sounds so simple, but it says it all. Incredible longevity, and pretty decent sillage especially as I'm not a heavy spritzer. I'm guessing it's because they use very good quality essential oil in high concentration. Aoud Purple Rose di Montale è una fragranza del gruppo Orientale Floreale unisex.Aoud Purple Rose è stato lanciato sul mercato nel 2012. This one is better Than Si Rose & Chloe, altho I like those as well. Choose from 450+ perfumes. It's like a bouquet of roses with drops of musk. Such a nice change from other rose fragrances that become muddled up with a lot of other scents and wears it down. Given the descroption of Montale on, I should not have been surprised by heaviness of Roses Musk. Montale Intense Roses Musk Eau de Parfum - Versione intensificata di una delle fragranze classiche di tutti i tempi di Montale, Intense Roses Musk presenta ancora un bouquet di rose squisitamente puro, delicatamente armonizzato con sensuale e prezioso muschio. The dry down is very reminiscent of Stella McCartney. The top note of rose provides a hint of romance. I had sadly association with rose scent from my childhood. Love it! Soft, clean skin-loving musk that caresses the senses. Montale Roses Musk by Montale, 3.4 oz EDP Spray for … Absolute love this fragrance. Intoxicating fragrance! Montale Roses Musk Eau de Parfum - Il nome sembra così semplice, ma dice tutto.

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