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shaved ice truck for sale

However, there are a few different proven approaches to making money in the shaved ice business, even in a field already crowded by potentially dozens of similar businesses. This is what truly separates us from every other shaved ice franchise. Call us now to get more info! With over 1,000 trucks in 48 states,you're bound to find one. The shaved ice concession business attracts many new foodservice entrepreneurs for a few simple reasons. DJ Munchiez Featuring Little Jimmy’s Italian Icy 1 Shaved Ice, Street Vendors. Fully Equipped Shaved Ice Trailer in Georgia (Asking: $11,500) 18′ X 8.5′ Frozen Custard and Shaved Ice Trailer (Asking: $42,300) Shaved Ice and Ice Cream Truck … Shaved Ice Food Trucks and Shaved Ice Food Carts in Dallas. We have inventory located across the United States, so you can find your ideal shaved ice concession truck, conveniently located near you, without having to deal with the hassle and wasted time of a visit to a high-pressure dealer. Item No: FL-T-209G2 Grab people's attention like no other with the very cool electric EZ Go 5' x 10' Snowball/Shaved Ice Truck… Now’s also the time to acknowledge potential gaps in your knowledge, and bring along a trusted mentor or mechanic to assist in your evaluation. Kona Ice of Tempe-Mesa & Central Phoenix. 2015 Solar Powered Ice Cream/Shaved Ice/Food Truck for Sale in Texas!!! Used Ice Cream Trucks/Vans For Sale USA >® May 22, 15 01:27 PM. Start your colorful and flavorful shaved ice business with us! 2008 - 12' Piaggio Ape Street Diesel Mini Street Food Vending Truck for Sale in Pennsylvania! First, your startup costs (what we refer to as the “barrier to entry”) are remarkably low. We’ll book a food truck for your next event. If the sno-cone vendor a few stalls down from you is offering up the same old combinations of flavors, imagine how attention-grabbing your “Unicorn Galaxy Hibiscus Kombucha Tornados” will be! Related Reading: How to Start a $1 Million Dollar Shaved Ice Business. Shaved Ice Truck, Trailer or Step-Van If you plan to operate a mobile unit to sell your shaved ice, the costs are much the same with the exception of monthly rent. Its prep area was built in the winter of 2018. For smaller-scale entrepreneurs on a tight budget but with a burning passion to enter the mobile food business, we can’t think of a better place to start, than with a quality shaved ice truck, trailer, or cart for sale by owner. Modified into Bus-2015. 2004 Chevrolet Workhorse Step Van Shaved Ice Truck / Mobile Snowball Store for Sale in Alabama!!! $96,690.00. $38,390 CA California Ready to Operate 2007 8' x 14.5' Cargo TR Shaved Ice/Snowball Concession Trailer. Gas engine. Snowie Bus . Customers need to stumble upon you, preferably at a time when the heat and humidity is starting to get to them. Shaved Ice Food Trucks and Shaved Ice Food Carts in Phoenix. Here at Snowie Shaved Ice, the focus of our business is providing you with a shaved ice business opportunity!Carl Rupp and Gordon Rupp, co-owners of Snowie, have been influencers in the shaved ice industry for 35 years, and together have invented many of the fastest and most popular ice … This is an 2015 Ice Cream/Shaved Ice/Food Truck that's in very good condition with 42k miles on the gas engine. Have a great time serving great treats using this 1985 gas 18' GMC Step Van Snowball Truck! ACTIVE SHAVED ICE AND SNOWBALL TRUCK AND TRAILER LISTINGS. Shaved Ice products and Business Opportunities From Snowie. Please review all information below and hit. **7×12 Shaved Concession Ice Trailer ** Nobody In The Industry Offers This Kind Of Quality In A 7×12 Shaved Ice Concession Trailer At This Kind Of Price! Copyright 2020 Foodtruckempire.Com | All Rights Reserved |, Used Shaved Ice and Snowball Trucks for Sale by Owner. It is a shaved ice / ice cream truck that comes with a trailer that has a … For most small operations, a concession trailer or even a small cart can make good sense for most shaved ice startup entrepreneurs, especially if you have off-site storage available. Grab people's attention like no other with the very cool electric EZ Go 5' x 10' Snowball/Shaved Ice Truck. Here are a few strategies to consider: Local festivals, food fairs, carnivals, and farmer’s markets are probably the bread and butter of most small-scale shaved ice concession businesses. Serve up fun in eco-friendly style with this. For this reason, setting up in local parks or beaches, or piggybacking on other local businesses can be a big formula for success. For example, if your shaved ice business takes off, will you want to start offering an assortment of ice cream, either scooped or pre-packaged? The low cost of initial inventory and the minimal amount of equipment needed makes this an ideal segment of the business for first-time food concessionaires.

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