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fiio a3 vs e10k

When I first received the A3, I was doing research in trying to figure out if it was a DAC as well. Can’t describe it. This was reproducible using different audio players (foobar, AIMP). I was admittedly a bit harsh on it at first, but I’ve since come to really love this thing. The Q1 comes in at an even 3.5 Oz. I have pictures of them all and I know mostly how they sound so there was no real reason for me to hang on to ’em. I’m listening now with the HD600 and it sounds fantastic. Don’t be fooled by the weight of the E10K; it can take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’ like Mick Foley (Mick was fat though). (I do plan on getting the AKG Q701, or a set of cans similar to them. HOWEVER, during normal playback, the sound the mojo produces is just better! It’s fun and you don’t need much besides an interconnect cable. Gut 1,7; FiiO Q5. Why I am in doubt I have a powerbank, samsung galaxy s5 and my trousers are filled. On the A3, between 3-4 nets the desired effect. Consider this excerpt about the A3’s light in Sonic Elevation’s informative FiiO A3 Review: “Unfortunately, the LED doesn’t change color when you’re running low on battery. No. It’s not like the treble is overly bright or anything. , Hey brother! It doesn’t matter unless you have balanced headphones. You can’t beat the convenience of a DF Red on the go though. $59.99 $ 59. More Buying Choices $47.00 (7 used & new offers) Linsoul xDuoo Link Type-C to 3.5mm ESS9118EC Decoding Portable Headphone Amplifier Adapter Cable. I’m a part of the problem. The Q1 is a nihilist. E10K FiiO--Born for Music. Dann bist du hier auf die richtige Seite gestoßen! First ever episode. A5 Amplifier. On the E10K it’s … Smack dab in the middle actually. I reached out to Audioquest and they said they are backlogged because of demand. Comparison of NuForce uDAC3 vs Fiio E10K Signal Converters. FiiO E10K vs FiiO E17K have very different shapes. He doesn’t even really resemble a horse anymore. I think you actually can with some sort of adapter. Such design makes it not very convenient to be pocketed. It’s bloody expensive though. A pothead kind of has some semblance of a productive life. Okay that’s one word. Die Toplisten der verschiedensten fiio e10k olympus 2 - genügend Auswahl ohne zu suchen! The gain switch and bass boost on the A3 (as well as the E10K) are super easy to flick because they kind of protrude out and resemble tiny sticks. Separate DACs and amps We’ll get into all that more in depth a bit later! FiiO has laser engraved the Hi-Res Audio symbol on the top of the K3. Home Studio Guide – Part I (Introduction), The Best Audiophile Headphones [Complete Buyer’s Guide], The Best Audiophile Headphones (Part II) [Complete Buyer’s Guide], The Best Audiophile Headphones (Part III) [Complete Buyer’s Guide], The Best Audiophile Headphones (Part IV) [Complete Buyer’s Guide], The 5 Best Audiophile Headphones For Under $500, The Best Headphones for Gaming [In Depth Guide]. Apart from few extreme cases, you will not need more power for your portable headphones. Sorry if I’ve made any technical blunders. Sorry, Mick. Stu is determined to help you make sound decisions, and strives to deliver the best and most in depth content on the internet! This makes sense when you consider the A3 provides 70mW more power. As an audio noob, it was my understanding that the easiest way to improve hifi sound (talking separates really here) was to get a better amp and loudspeakers. Selbstverständlich ist jeder Fiio A3 Test unmittelbar im Internet im Lager und somit sofort lieferbar. Requests? In Netherlands and not 1 specific model (fiio) but here owh yeah…. If we had to point out a single major flaw, we think this is it. I don't really consider gaming a factor since I want this just for music. Big shout out to FiiO for sending me these units! Fiio E10K The Fiio E10K headphone amp stage seems like being driven by the potent LMH6643 chipset that provides significantly more power and better transient response than previous iterations. I’ve really come to appreciate the value and quality that they provide for such a fantastic price. Yes, you tap out at 24/96 but I wonder whether class 1 is likely to run more easily / is more likely to be trouble-free (see my driver comments above & below). Did I miss the mark on something? the A3 can easily be daisy chained off the phone's headphone jack or connected to the computer. It’s a disease. I will take a look at that. Although the 16 hour battery life is usually more than enough – having to wait for a few hours while it charges is pretty inconvenient.”. The disease that’s taking over society. I wasn’t that impressed with the dragonfly red (it was definitely ok and an improvement on my mobo DAC but didn’t really sound much more than my phone DAC), so at 57% more money (basically £100 more), I’m really wondering how much more audio pleasure the cobalt will deliver. Nothing is ever good enough. That’s just my opinion though and I could be wrong. However, one might wish to have a WSAPI or ASIO driver (if one can hear a difference). People are searching for the differences between these 2 amps via my research, as they likely do not yet know if the A3 is an Amp/DAC. Headphones for outside are used by a certain group. Is there a way to separate & quantify the two (amp vs dac)? Then stop writing blogs talking about how it’s not enough. You’ll have to go without until it’s fully charged again. I also felt uncomfortable about the battery life. Ah okay. It’s come in handy so many times for me when I needed just a DAC to pair with a headphone amp like the JDS Labs Objective 2. Operating time: Up to 16hr. The E10K provides 200mW into 32 Ohms, while the A3 pumps 270mW into 32 Ohm. In theory, DSD provides better sound quality because it takes 1 bit and samples it millions of times per second. The 30% is divided in 2 different users. The intimacy and presence was palpable. Glad you said that about the Mojo as I thought the same thing. But does it actually sound better? If I could sum up the A3 and E10K in two words: Crisp and detailed. As for line out with speakers – I haven’t really done that yet. Hey Alex! We went over features a bit above. Aktuelle Themen; Spannende Produkttests; Weitere Tests & Produktwissen. In comparing the 2, I find the A3 to be ever so slightly cleaner sounding that an E10K. People are searching for the difference as they likely do not know that the A3 is just an amp. DHL. Taking notes? Other than that, both have a gain switch and bass boost, but the Q1 cannot be used as just a DAC. Der Preis ist an dieser Stelle auch wichtig. This horse isn’t just dead; he’s been rotting on the side of the road for months – tattered, smelly, and fly infested to the max. There’s an obvious difference making the jump from 16 to 24, but the raging hard on about DSD lately has kind of gotten on my nerves as some of these sample rates that are “DSD164” for example, are sample rates that can be reproduced by formats that are not DSD. Luckily, most users who are in the market for this headphone amp won’t really be using it with higher impedance models like the 600, and if they are, they’ll probably be using balanced headphones. I feel better now. iFi Aurora Review – Love At First Sight?! Versandkosten: ab 5,50 € Details. The Cambridge audio driver is the exception and worked flawlessly. I get tired of people who say it’s not enough. The difference with these is that they are much harder to adjust, and are flat and circular. You flick right. The only real time I used them was for comparisons and stuff. That looks like a small number of people who uses headphones (portable dac). I just plugged it in and it was ready to go. Both the A3 and E10K provide enough power with a headphone like the HD 600 given you have the gain switch on. The A3’s gain switch is on the front left, again, towards the edge while the E10K’s is on the back of the unit next to the line out jack. The Q1’s build is even better than the A3, albeit by about 8 grams. With Alina Baraz and Galimatias’ Pretty Thoughts (FKJ Remix) The E10K sounds a bit raspier by comparison, but it’s a small difference. Hallo und herzlich Willkommen zu unserem großen fiio e10k olympus 2Vergleich. Both make a satisfying click when you turn them on, but the A3’s is a bit louder. While the E10K is taller, it’s also more narrow in width and not quite as long as an A3. Received mine two days ago and I was very surprised too at how small it was. am besten bewertet ist? I don't really consider gaming a factor since I want this just for music. The best feature of the E10K as far as I’m concerned is the line out jack. – Cambridge audio Dacmagic plus It’s just neutrally ‘bigger’ or ‘more’ or something. Take a gander! Let’s take a look at FiiO E10K first. I guess I’ve come to love wires in some sick way LOL. It’s so liberating! The pot is either just about the same size as the A3’s or a smidgen smaller (kind of hard to tell). Leave them down below! This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. I always liked the sound of the E12A amplifier so my hopes for an improved version are high. Funny, I have this issue in Tidal where the first part of the track gets cut off. 4.5 out of 5 stars 18. On the mojo (and I was doing A B testing), the presence, openness and pure suspense of the music was palpably more significant than the other DACs I was comparing the mojo to. A3. Now that build is out of the way, what about features & usage? Below it sits the cheaper E07k, E10k, and the E11k amps and DAC’s which are essentially your first-time upgrades in FiiO’s eyes. Recommended earphone impedance: 16~150Ω. Competition? The E10K doesn’t have this (being that it’s older), but both have the FiiO logo. The K3 is designed for desktop use. Both are black and you can see little white lines spanning the length of each. On the E10K, you turn the volume knob and the blue light appears on the front instead. The Best Audiophile Headphones For Gaming Under $100, Blue Yeti vs. AT2020 vs. Samson C01 [Definitive Guide]. So when people yammer on and on about DSD and how it sounds better, just slap them in the face like Batman. Help on deciding for an Amp? Perhaps though, I’m missing the point and it’s really about the loudspeakers and the amp is just the ability to drive them? I had the Otter Box on it and it endured many falls. Some thoughts, clarifications and just responses: So, the review is basically an amp vs amp shootout? Because it’s true. When you turn the A3 on (by turning the dial), a little blue light appears on the back of the unit. Stu, that’s not nice, broken, I hope you can fix it. Nearly everyone is looking for an Amp or DAC to improve the quality of their music. FiiO amps in particular have an enormously good price to performance ratio. In my FiiO K3 vs. E10K comparison I linked a USB Type-C to USB 3.1 Gen1 Female Adapter Cable. Topping E30/L30 Review – Just How Good Is It? That or do better research. Just looking at your line out, e10k, pair with various amps. I got rid of all my CD’s and as you know Apple did away with iTunes for the most part. You can use the Amp/DAC with balanced headphones or balanced cables (requires mod with standard headphones). A stoner is stoned all the time basically. Well-known Member. I hope to see such a creation soon as I feel it lately has been getting rather predictive. My go to is to use the line out as you said with something like an E10K or K3, and then pair with various amps. The volume knob and coaxial output ports protrude outwards. I ordered the A3 for now but I'm not sure if my soundcard is good enough I have this one: Creative Labs SB0570 PCI Sound Blaster Audigy SE Sound Card. (Although it does has a line-out for an amplifier or active spea… For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I wouldnt even consider using bass boost on the e10k, and with the k3 im ok with using it for certain genre's/mood. While the E10K should be able to decently drive the Q701, suggest you get the FiiO A3 (E11K), $60, as it's more powerful then the E10K. Perhaps though, I’m missing the point and it’s really about the loudspeakers and the amp is just the ability to drive them? I personally felt i could hear (positive) differences with the mojo, compared to the others above (in my list). The body is thick and bulky. Now that I’ve sobered you up a little and given a lesson on Neematodes, let’s get into the specifications of the A3! You do refer to the A3 as an amp/DAC at the beginning, though I believe it’s only an amp. I was looking around for the jack for a second or two. The only real gripe I have with the Q1 is the whole 7mW of power into 300 Ohm. The A3 is still fairly intuitive though, so no worries there. You must log in or register to reply here. And what if anything did you do about bit perfect output? His sense of humour, coupled with a knack for excellence and strict attention to detail are what allow him to stand out in a crowded industry.”. I tested by listening to particular passages of certain tunes (which might have, for example, sub bass or hi-hats or something idiosyncratic like cleverly layered vocals or quirky wah wahs – anything that caught my ear and/or sounded exposed) and writing down how I perceived the sound. It has no internal battery, so it will need to be powered from your computer. FiiO A3 Portable Headphone Amplifier (Black) 4.3 out of 5 stars 1,042. How come? Most of the newer comments and emails I get asking for help come from those who bought something but just can’t enjoy it. JavaScript is disabled. So, is it possible that a good amp makes as much or more difference than the DAC (functionality aside)? Der passt mit 70€ super in mein eigentliches Budget mit angepeilten 100€. I just couldn’t quite justify the expense – for that money, it had sadly to be trouble free. Your english is pretty decent considering it’s not your native language! Wait, when’s the last time you saw a dead horse on the …. It’s balanced too. He’s just a big pile of slop. You know what I’m about to say. So a dac is used by a certain group, friends are getting introduced so they are sold. For example, what was your source equipment and how did you connect to the e10k, A3, Q1 etc.? It was punchy and exciting, as well as having a clarity which exposed detail, missing from my onboard mobo DAC. Nur wenn der E17 absolut besser ist als der E07 bzw E10K würe er in Frage Oder welche Fiio E10K Olympus 2 aktuell am besten bzw. I thought a great amp will reveal more though? Questions? I haven’t had any issues with this so far, but I thought it was strange at first to hook up. Dimensions: 91.2mm x 56mm x 13mm . In actual use, the mojo didn’t play an audio sweep properly that I use to make sure the equipment plays at the correct sample rate. Bass On: Boosts bass effect without … Though the E10K has a great build for about $75, it does feel cheap in comparison to the heftier A3. The A3 uses an internal rechargeable battery and thus is a bit heavier. It sounds that good. By the way most people of course just have a phone they do not care about flac. I can (subtle but definite). This setup is mostly meant for my music, but I do gaming on it as well. Yes, I know the MDAC mini has a battery – my research indicates that not all OTG cables are made equal AND audio equipoment manufcaturers don’t always use OTG pin conventions. The people who listen to music are maybe 70%(of the music people) the little earphones and maybe 30% headphones. it is possible that my english is not 100%. I wasn’t that impressed with the dragonfly red (it was definitely ok and an improvement on my mobo DAC but didn’t really sound much more than my phone DAC), so at 57% more money (basically £100 more), I’m really wondering how much more audio pleasure the cobalt will deliver. There’s nothing worse than your music player stopping out of nowhere while you’re jamming out to your favorite song. It’s called “before it all changes”. This is exactly my sentiment. Some said it was so it was kind of confusing at first. It cut off part of it. I like big knobs and I cannot lie. I forgot to go back and edit that when I found out it was just an amp. Not only that, but even someone who’s found something isn’t satisfied. Requests? Agreed. His sense of humour, coupled with a knack for excellence and strict attention to detail are what allow him to stand out in an crowded industry. Did you even plug the headphone in and try it? ), Member of the Trade: FiiO Store Argentina, FiiO X7 Mark II > AM3A | AM2A | AM3D THX > K812 | K701 | T1.2 | T1.1 | DT880/600 | HD800S | HD650, Topping DX7s & Audio-GD NFB-11.28 & Dark Voice 336SE. Questions? It honestly sounded like it was happening in my room! Thanks for pointing that out! Gut 1,9; FiiO A1. Requests? It provides a smooth warmth to the music but still sounds incredibly detailed and revealing. The headphone jack on the A3 is at the back left, while the E10K’s is on the front left. lower frequency bass). Befriedigend 2,7; FiiO A5. Anyone remember the show Doug? This is the main difference between the Q1 and the others. Yeah I am afraid that 3 gadgets in my pocket … i am 80% satisfied the galaxy s5 running the m50x. By now I’ve had quite a bit of first hand experience with many different types of Amps and DACs. I upgraded from e10k to k3. It’s basically the same for all intents and purposes. Check out Cambridge Audio’s great post on What is DSD? I have no idea what that’s about. The E10K comes in at 79 grams vs. 92 for the A3. So, even at £400 AND the seemingly flaky drivers, I was STILL thinking about keeping it. Like the DF, it also taps out at 24/96 but there’s the option for higher sample rates with the separate driver download (a breeze to set up through FiiO’s website). Rad! Newsletter. E10k with a phone. The differences between headphones are much more significant. This is what I experienced in the opening of a track by an artist named Elohim I believe. It’s larger as well. This explains why it’s lighter and feels cheaper, even though it’s build is still very good. FiiO E10K. FiiO Q3 – Der mobile THX AAA™-Verstärker. 415 Meinungen. The only reason I bought that one was to do a comparison to the HD 206 but I still haven’t decided if I want to do an article/video. The FiiO K3 also has the option to run 1.0 and it was a breeze. In the netherlands headphones are not popular, most people just use chat or facebook, you of course expect the music people, they are here like in america. lower frequency bass). Having said this, I had a bit of a mare getting the dragonfly red to work with my S8, until I found that there was a firmware update for it. Super annoying. I mentioned this in my Chord Mojo vs. Hugo 2 comparison IIRC. The opening of the track has the hugest soundstage and pulsing, panning synth sounds. Haha yeah. I suggest the FiiO K3. None of it. For testing I’m running Tidal with Master files (24-bit/96kHz) mostly, or FLAC and also listen with Spotify. My lasting memory of all my tests was that I was kinda captivated by the mdac mini but for some reason wondered if that was more to do with the amp than the dac. So in that sense I’m providing that information as well as all the technical/cosmetic differences. Charging time: ~240min. You say that you can’t use it with a phone. So kannst du richtig Geld sparen. 99. I’d have to talk to someone over at Audio Advice about the importance (or lack thereof) of the actual amp portion – If it makes a difference, and if so, how much. I would like to, but then again it is for my phone and having 2 gadgets in my trousers is not comfortable IMO. Comments? Thanks! Her voice was so huge and there was so much width and depth to the sound it was almost indescribable. There was some good dicsussion about the overheating issue, and shadiness in general with Chord but I still say it’s head and shoulders above the rest and I’ve demoed 24 Amp/DACs at the time of this comment. It’s also a hare wider than the A3. That Good Good I hope you enjoyed this FiiO K3 vs. E10K Review and Comparison, and came away with some valuable insight. More on that in a bit! Cobalt – mojo rival? Aktuelle fiio e10k olympus 2 Vergleich Sieger unterteilen wir dabei zum einen in die besten 5 sowie die besten 50. Fiio A3 Test - Unser Favorit . 00. There’s a track by an artist called pole folder. If so, can you really compare it to E10k or Q1, which are I understand DAC/amps? I can see why you wouldn’t want to add more into your pocket. The Cambridge audio driver is the exception and worked flawlessly. Dec 11, 2018 at 12:09 AM. (Fiio A3 and Fiio E10k [Or any you reccomend]). Interesting as I didn’t have any issues with the Mojo running Windows 7. But here there are more sold like onkyo just not that popular. Separate DACs and amps They want more. Solid blue indicates a full charge. It’s easy for me to sit here and put those people on blast because I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be able to reveal this truth, given how much I’ve heard. The fiio listeners and the listeners of the phone dac. I still have the HD 201 but only because no one has purchased it yet. Mit Features wie Volume Potentionmeter oder Bass Boost soll der Sound optimiert werden. I’ve found some people claiming it does work with phones but you need an OTG cable. If this happens to you, keep in mind that you won’t be able to keep listening as you’re charging the device. The magic happens once you hold it in you hand: the FiiO K3 is much more sleeker, more handy to carry and it looks much more modern compared to its older brother. From what you’ve said it seems like a lot of people have a DAC but no headphone. It’s like an all purpose tool for very cheap, and sounds incredible! When you power it on, it turns blue. Really itching to try one out. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Tightness and control is just awesome as well. This tiny device has an all aluminum build (including the gain/bass boost switches). Gut 2,0; Bleiben Sie auf dem Laufenden Testalarm: Wir benachrichtigen Sie kostenlos bei Testberichten zum Thema: FiiO Kilimanjaro2 E-11K Verstärker. You are not being called crazy, people accept you, they even like you, but you know you are one of those who are wearing a headphone so do not expect on every corner a person with headphones. At the end of the day, I’m scarred for life. If your computer doesn’t have those, you can use the E10K to convert the signal from USB to coax and then connect the other DAC to the E10K. It’s just neutrally ‘bigger’ or ‘more’ or something. An associated thought too – you say that you feel DACs and amps are roughly the same. You can read it here: Review and Measurements of the Chord Mojo DAC and Amp. Der Kopfhörer-Verstärker erlaubt das Konvertieren von USB Digital Audio zu Coaxial Digital Audio und wird über den … I am always in doubt about buying a dac and amp. I find the volume knob with gain on to be plenty loud at around 5-6 on the E10K (out of 8). This is a tough call. You say that you can’t use it with a phone. Required fields are marked *, “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”, “Stu is determined to help you make sound decisions, and strives to deliver the best and most in depth content on the internet! FiiO E10K vs. A3 Power Output. Auf findest du jede menge unterschiedlicher fiio e10k olympus 2 und kannst diese miteinander vergleichen.

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