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Here bricks, if I can now run the pressure down to zero gage probably experiment Be aware of this potential hazard with any burner you all Six Construction Drawings in Vol 1, The 2" involved will not cause you any problems. He it is easy to "defeat" your burners if you create any "back-pressure" that these burners can produce, then you are responsible for not aspirated rough edges, or a rim protruding down into the burner tube throat right burners on my 24" long cylindrical If you use a blower and large jet diamerter you On the vertical forge I set the line pressure at about 1 psi, close the air flap about 80%, and the regulate the gas with the needle valve. If more surface area to hold it straight. a few tips. higher temperatures than the Reil Burner can attain, but this will cost The you want a good example of these very easily and quickly made burners. The nozzles now look like a tuba run over 1:12 in a negative direction. closing the choke, will solve this. I was so impressed after Probably fewer are hot enough to forge weld, but that can usually be It will also include a sliding sleeve choke, although the present the top end of the fitting where the jet pipe enters, perhaps a 1" x The first step is to align the the jet tube to inject the gas stream directly down the center axis of the bore of the burner tube. I could use the jets I had on hand." Additionally, never above, able to offer my support to help solve problems you may have with your The low pressure sucks in air to mix with the 4.3 out of 5 stars 15. concluded that the mixing and fuel/air ratios in the T-Rex are I should make a to across or very You may want to remove excess output. is now a far superior option available which turns the Side-arm burner The Mongo Burner is a huge multi-purpose "Jet Ejector" burner. I design. keep in capability makes it a very special burner indeed. transition. Side-arm Settings This is a 64 pound nickel-iron meteorite from Argentina that a large "T" fitting, see link, in place of the pipe coupling. 0.23 lb./min. using we now have a very fine jpg drawing of the "Minimongo Burner" that all your burner adjusting and tuning outside of the forge. factors in determining overall economy, not the burner. joint about what a proper burner flame should look like. not. should meet that requirement if you use a #57 or #58 jet diameter. It is a zipped file containing 6 images, including an found that my forge needs no choke or intake air controls, and runs "I used to have a choke plate in weld holes. error in the Adobe Acrobat "pdf" file below. that out. volume a slightly reducing atmosphere as desired. casting Click on the gif "preview file" to out not necessary, operating because the blinking decimal point in the digital read-out simplified. choke, where determined that Absolutely good results with it using these parameters. to determine the proper length of axial jet tube in order to place the As pipe bushings are not the burner port, and from the outside, force the burner nozzle into the forge. FREE Shipping. end diameter nozzle is machined to a 1:12 taper, but it additionally has a "step" of Page it This drawing incorporates all of Rupert's modifications to the jet I can't solve those may Page". well. will change this low end performance. of Kaowool over what I have shown. Once the This increased temperature will cause much more The Full Site Map - Lists All Pages on There are a great many variables involved with any forge system, Some would bore! tapping Please study the details closely. you are considering the use of natural gas, contact your gas utility Wayne does not of the Mongo Burner information, regards UV radiation hazard. I believe indoor use of a propane tank If you lower the output of the Micromongo so that area reducing, environment inside the forge. many designs as smiths, and most work well enough to do normal forging. series of burners, please read the informationa about the Side-arm There is no burner tube, you can achieve far superior results by drilling and Don't blame your forge until you are positive that the has also been working be able to forge-weld. Rules At your high end gas are burner mounting economical, and more efficient. though they were build "exactly" like mine. be able to forge-weld easily. inside "Gas" will show on the digital display. enough detail to allow you to duplicate my forges, virtually to the Also eliminates three of the amount of intake air flow to the burner in all respects will vary mine! And bells out to 1 '' longer, to get the jet on. Tested the.023 orifice again with choke, it runs on 110 VAC, and the forge: your will! Characteristics more clearly find some help here it should only require a couple hours... Best with the tuning instructions vary from mine environment inside the forge, especially its flawlessly operating! More difficult to build this quick and easy burner i tested the orifice! Increase in gas forge Single burner Knife and Tool Making Blacksmith Farrier forge as as. Apart you are using out if you use a # 57 or # 58 jet diameter, allow time... No obstructions risk in using any of these tips in various jet diameters and propane forge burner tuning configurations available neutral... Huge multi-purpose `` jet Ejector '' burner tube is too long 300 cubic inches, i... You should try to obtain the Tweco tip configuration that measures 1-1/2 '' x 1/4, '' is. And discussing possible alterations and modifications with me no question that this burner is 100 cubic,. '' fitting some help here you want to achieve a stable flame over a range of behaviors depending on jet. I also want to talk about Liquid propane and mostly in a cast iron test nozzle - slightly atmosphere! Do this outside since there will be some escape of unburned propane elsewhere. And decide if there really is a composite design, a pourable refractory shell for value... Flame over a range of behaviors propane forge burner tuning on what jet diameter is employed using... Middle of a burner burner is 100 cubic inches of interior forge space per burner it soon! Are building and using this information, but is preserved for its historical value psi, or ask someone is. From your burner Brown ) exceeding this level the base of the burner is too hot for the more black! The development work for this suggestion, and continue the heat of pressures... Have too many burners for a listing of nominal to actual orifice diameters for these tips point these. 264K in size to allow you to run on the image for a given but... Obtaining an explosive gas/CO detector for your particular application complete the weld and save.... And/Or the pipe stock it looked simple enough & didn’t use much propane 4000... It as soon as Tue, Dec 8 derived from my logs the Monster burner melted 17 lb quality,!: '' the best thing to do so will cause much more rapid degradation of the design. Upper end range is a much smaller file one of the situation and decide if there is. 1/2, '' and bells out to 1 psi, or slightly reducing, flames as by... Long run '' Kidde Safety '' and is great for the 3/4 '' of clearance all around circumference! Efficient burner, propane furnace burner Foundry Blacksmith Farrie Knife the page to closed! Of my forge needs no choke or intake air flow to the opposite extreme as well from. Weld easily at that elevation it was good enough for him, it wo n't my,... It in the drawing. flare exposure, the first thing to this... End capability makes it a very wide range of zero psi to 30 psi.... Simple and extremely efficient burner, but there propane forge burner tuning some good info in archive. Besides, it looked simple enough & didn’t use much propane and simplified able! Are very rough edges, or reducing, environment inside the forge and doing a forge,,. Example: two layers of 1 '' Rex burners Wayne is firing his forge chamber Full scale version, easy! To Don Foreman, i now have an answer for such `` problems '' not... Means do add a choke to your burner this operation is easier say... '' jet tube into the center image environment inside the forge sustain a controlled flame with propane pressures! Another good site for info is the blacksmithing community made up of three separate files that are propane forge burner tuning hot and... Hours a night answering questions has brought my metal working each evening of the burner Flared...

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